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  • Write An Essay On The Importance Of Literacy Throughout My Lifetime

    Justin Madrid English 1301 Scott 1/23/2015 Justin 1 The Importance of Literacy Throughout My Lifetime Have you ever thought about a time that you didn’t need literacy? The answer to that question would obviously have to be no. Literature is basically what defines our existence, without it there would be no writing, no language, and importantly no history. Can you imagine if there was no means of communication, our world as we know would cease to exist and everything would be in complete chaos. 1 Literature has been a very important factor in my lifetime, especially in school, because it has taught me the basics, expanded my knowledge, and helped me use all that I needed to finish my grade school and move onto college. We have been taught the very…

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  • Texas Treasure Literature Analysis

    Mary Beth Stevens suggests writing supports reading by asking students to draw upon common knowledge and thinking processes (2014). In the Texas Treasures Literature curriculum students continually respond to text through writing activities. At the end of each section they record their responses by writing a personal response. These responses require critical and higher order thinking skills because students answer open-ended questions and utilize summarization, inference and interpreting…

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  • Six Aspects Of Assessments In The Classroom

    Teachers are responsible for creating and designing effective assessments to see what students learned. Assessments can come in a variety of tasks, and it is important that teachers demonstrate this by using different methods of assessment. As an educator, it is important that I address the six aspects of the assessment process that are goals, role, audience, situation, product or performance, and standards. There are three types of assessments that teachers implement when designing…

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  • Differentiated Essential Competencies

    Competencies (DECs), provider of patient-centered care, will cover the general differences between the Associate Degree (ADN) and the Baccalaureate Degree (BSN) (Texas Board of Nursing, 2011). Secondly, seven student learning outcomes will be addressed along with brief examples of how each outcome was achieved. Provider of Patient Centered Care Under the second scope of the Differentiated Essential Competencies (DECs), there are eight competencies that will be covered. The first competency…

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  • Application Essay: My Experience As An International Student

    international student programming and assessment, and who aspires to transfer student’s passions and skills into designated career paths. I am that person. I have more than three years of experience working with international students, and my first-hand experience as one of them motivates me to help these underprivileged students achieve academic, career and personal success. My bachelor degree in International Business, graduate degree in Higher Education Administration, experience of social…

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  • Texas Career Cluster

    attributions Achieve Texas contributes to advisors and counselors is that it breaks down potential class schedules in order to help a student be success in the career path they have chosen; it also goes on to help a student realize what expectations of the career field are, what kind of impact it has on the world, if the field is growing/shrinking, and ultimately, if it is the right fit. Achieve Texas does this through breaking career fields into clusters, or bunches of related careers. By…

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  • Toseland And Rivas Case Study

    They are applicable to, for example, HIV prevention, adjustment to divorce, or loneliness in university students. The focus of psychoeducational group work is on: the client’s empowerment through preparation for informed decision making; homogeneity in participants’ concerns (group cohesion); educational emphasis and clear agenda (cultural compatibility); and cost efficiency. It is important to determine the theoretical perspectives for psychoeducational groups because they have specific themes,…

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  • Essay On Formative Evaluation

    As noted by Palomba & Banta (1999) “Assessment is the systematic collection, review and use of information about educational programs undertaken for the purpose of improving student learning and development”. In order to conduct an effective assessment the instructor should possess expertise in the two areas: formative and summative evaluations. The formative evaluations are conducted during the regular cycle of the class, while the summative evaluation process is part of the conclusion of the…

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  • Training Needs Analysis Paper

    I/O consultant for the Bank of America, I will do a needs assessment to determine if training can resolve the customer service issues. The purpose of a training needs analysis (TNA) is to evaluate the organization’s training needs. The TNA is the first step in any training and development intervention. According to Narasimhan, & Ramanarayanan (2014): Every banker understands the importance of training programs. Training contributes quite a huge part to the growth of…

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  • Predicting English Language Assignment

    connect to your practice, your interests? Why should we (i.e., your peers) read it?* The article I chose to read and summarize for this assignment is called “The Intriguing Role of Spanish Language Vocabulary Knowledge in Predicting English Reading Comprehension.” I chose an article that was close to the grade level I was going to teach next year and I wanted to learn more about student’s vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension in students that first learned Spanish and or English and…

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