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  • Foxtel Case

    conflict, manager of the sales department (D2D campaign, Foxtel) Mr. Sumit Vishal was interviewed on 1st May2015 at 11 am. Q: What was the reason for closing down D2D campaign of Foxtel? Was it Salmat’s decision or Foxtel itself? Ans: Foxtel and Salmat have been talking for a long time over this issue approximately over a year. Salmat was handling this campaign in most of the areas of Australia but it was not making much profits rather was just being at par in terms of money making, thus, finding it hard to sustain ,it opted out from the campaign. Foxtel had three options, first to increase money, second to give this campaign…

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  • Advantages Of Satellite Tv Subscriptions

    Frequency of Purchase Satellite television subscriptions are expensive, and most companies lock consumers into a contract. These contracts can range from one year all the way to three years, but they typically run around two years according to the data. A recent study of individuals who have pay-T.V. subscriptions shows that on average they spend $128.83 a month on satellite television subscriptions (Content Consumption, 2016). Because of the high prices and contracts that customers must be…

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  • The Evolution Of Television In Australia

    Pay TV companies, such as Foxtel, are now struggling to compete with online streaming organisations and have recently cut their prices. Online streaming organisations have very low subscription prices, ranging from $10-15 per month (Netflix, Stan 2016). Foxtel has had to match these prices to compete with the online streamers. Reducing prices has had negligible impact on Foxtel subscribers. While online streaming members increase, Foxtel subscriber numbers continue to remain constant (Deloitte…

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  • Netflix Case Study Globalization

    one or more countries in the world. For instance, a taste community in the U.S. can have a similar one somewhere in Asia. This means that Netflix can make a show that can satisfy not only a single taste community but more, thereby maximizing revenues. 5. What are two challenges Netflix faces as it grows? The two challenges Netflix faces as it grows are competition and continuing the tradition of blockbuster content. First, competition is intense as more companies are realizing the revenues and…

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  • Globalization Of Culturally Diverse Media

    To argue that globalisation has come to, or approaching a finite closure would be a difficult stance to maintain. For example, as nation states become ever more de-territorialised and both jobs and people become commodities, countries become comprehensively linked via culturally diverse media (Hafez, 2007). Episode 16 (2016), of ABC’s Media Watch argued Australian TV is made up of ‘a sea of white’, yet when scrolling through a Foxtel (2016), channel guide that contains over 20 channels made up…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Diverse Allegations

    58, (B) I deny the adverse allegations made against me. It was Kate that would swear and call me names. 58, (C) I deny the adverse allegations made against me. It was Kate that pulled chucks of hair out of my scalp as I had dread-locks and longer hair during my university years. It was Kate that would violently push, throw cups of coffee and the Foxtel remote into my face. It was Kate that directed her physical violence towards me in the following; this included Kate slamming me into house…

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