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  • Personal Narrative: My Diverse Allegations

    58, (B) I deny the adverse allegations made against me. It was Kate that would swear and call me names. 58, (C) I deny the adverse allegations made against me. It was Kate that pulled chucks of hair out of my scalp as I had dread-locks and longer hair during my university years. It was Kate that would violently push, throw cups of coffee and the Foxtel remote into my face. It was Kate that directed her physical violence towards me in the following; this included Kate slamming me into house furniture which included—bed, kitchen, down lounge room stairs, study walls and breakfast bar. 58, (D) I deny the adverse allegations made against me. It was Kate that would throw objects in my direction and smashing precious household items such as our two…

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  • Richard Bolef Essay

    Sparks is one of Richard’s parishioners as well a family friend for more than 20 years. She was hired by Richard’s father to interpreter for Richard during the early years. Nancy Sparks has developed a strong relationship with Richard. During Nancy’s interview, she was very defensive; she had negative disdain for Terje Bolef and Joanne Greene (Terje’s fiancée). She alleged that Terje Bolef has misappropriated Richard finances which has resulted in Richard’s rent at the Dutch Town was not paid…

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  • Case Study: Colonel Dynamo, Inc.

    was informed on January 29, 2014 that he had been laid off immediately, Yuliano threatened to sue CDI under the False Claims Act for fraud and age discrimination. After being laid off Yuliano took his research information to the FBI and they agreed to begin an investigation into the allegations. CDI concerned with the impact that a lawsuit can have on their operations began a negotiation for settlement to stop Yuliano from bring a claim against CDI. Both sides reached an agreement that states…

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  • Shower V. Spainhower

    An allegation was raised that Mr. Spainhower was rude and racist. Spainhower allegedly instructed employees that Spanish was prohibited in the workplace. Employees allege this violates the Zero Tolerance EEO Policy of UPRR. • Sub Issue: Whether an employer can restrict safety sensitive communications to English Only? Rules: Union Pacific strictly prohibits any discrimination or harassment based on a person 's race, color, gender, national origin, age, disability, religion, veteran status,…

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  • Middlesex Animal Shelter: A Case Study

    possession, and may instead allege she leases or resides at the property. Fontanez v. City of Worcester, No. 09–40203–FDS, 2012 WL 2829613, at *11 (D. Mass. July 9, 2012)(concluding that since one plaintiff leased the property and the other resided at the property they were in possession for the purpose of their trespass claim). NADC cannot prove possession. MAS is the only owner and operator of the property. NASDC does not allege it owns, leases part of, or resides at the property. Further,…

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  • Westside Hotel Case Study

    On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, the Investigator arrived at the Westside Hotel in Culver City, CA and obtained insured owner Simran Doel's recorded statement regarding the alleged theft of equipment at a job site. Mr. Doel was questioned about the spear which was released to continue with the job. He said the spear is not relating to this claim in question regarding to this current claim relating to E2D65984, as it relates to claim number E2D68072. He said the email referencing the spear was used…

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  • Match Fixing Game Allegation

    Waikato Rugby Union speaks up about the match fixing game allegation (this is my feature story) After the Ranfurly Shield game that occurred on October 3, 2015, there is allegation that one of the team players in WRU organization, Stephen Donald was involved in a match fixing game. The Waikato Rugby Union had a press conference on October 7, 2015 to answer the match-fixing allegation that they received from the media during the Ranfurly Sheild game. In the press conference General Manager,…

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  • False Allegations Of Power In The Crucible And Oleanna

    In Comparison to the association previously made between the The Crucible and Oleanna, the article by Catherine Burr titled “False Allegations of Sexual Harassment: Misunderstandings and Realities” presents similar ideas on how figures of high authority tend to take advantage over the minority using their power, in terms of sexual abuse. The article alludes towards the impacts of power over others and how manipulation can damage a person's career. Similarly in The Crucible, when Abigail blames…

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  • Lance Armstrong's Philosophical, Social Contributions, And Doping Allegations

    Lance Armstrong's Philosophical, Social Contributions, and Doping Allegations Lance Edward Armstrong is an American Professional Road Racing Cyclist and a testicular cancer survivor. He is the 1993 Elite Men's Road Race World Champion and won the Tour de France seven times back to back from 1999 to 2005 (“Lance Armstrong”). In between his success of becoming the most world famous cyclist came complication. The actual question society tries to solve is: does Lance Armstrong's philosophical and…

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  • Her New Beauty Line And Other Blackface Allegations Analysis

    6. “Kim Kardashian on Her New Beauty Line and Those Blackface Allegations”…

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