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  • Pearl Stone Research Paper

    Popular Jewelry Items of pearl stone The elegant looking white or gray color pearl gemstones appear immensely eloquent and captivating. Besides from being sophisticated in its appearance this stone preserves a distinct astrological property that animates people to use this stone in large manner. The pearl stone is largely famous among girls who appreciate to subscribe elegant looking stone pearl jewelry items in the form of pearl stone engagement ring, pearl stone necklace, pearl stone bracelet, pearl stone earrings and pearl stone bracelet. Due to its sterling color characteristics the pearl stone draws the attention of every pair of eyes around it. And, due to its appealing color and astrological characteristics this stone can be used as a replacement of diamond jewelry. While, we know that diamond stone are actually very expensive and it does not fit in the budget of a common man easily to afford a sterling…

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  • Blue Topaz Research Paper

    "The blue topaz has remained one of the most popular gemstones in the United States because of its vibrant blue color" (Branstrator). The blue topaz is the birthstone of those who were born in December. The blue topaz has also been a part of history, dating back to the Egyptians (Topaz History). The blue topaz is one of the most unique, fashionable, historical, and incredible gemstones on planet earth. The Blue topaz is found in the enormous crystals in pegmatite dikes (Topaz). Pegmatite dikes…

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  • Dream River And The Pool Poem Analysis

    As Canadians, we value many things; one being our land. It is clear how much we cherish this from the line in our anthem, “God keep our land glorious and free”. Therefore, artists like Archibald Lampman and Marjorie Pickthall have written about our beautiful land. Both Pickthall poems “Dream River” and “The Pool” as well as Lampman’s “Morning on the Lièvres” do a wonderful job of describing nature. They constantly refer to gemstones or metals to describe nature’s aspects, thus giving the reader…

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  • The Importance Of Fusion In The Steven Universe

    Steven Universe is a television show on Cartoon Network about a boy cared for by three alien women called Gems. These Gems have gemstones attached to their bodies that give them magical powers to fight monsters and save the Earth, as well as Beach City, the small city where they reside. Young Steven is only a half-Gem, half-human, and has the gemstone that his mother Rose Quartz passed on to him when she gave up her physical form to give him life. The three women/Gems who take care of him,…

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  • Importance Of Gold Jewelry

    Therefore, Mughal royalty were acknowledged being the brand ambassador of jadau jewelry. The Mughal jewelry had taken the front row seat due to its imperial looks and mesmerizing patterns. Jadau jewelry is one of the traditional jewelry 's of India. It is famously being worn on the ultimate occasions such as wedding jewelry 's and engagement jeweler '. To fabricate a jadau jewelry item high level of craftsmanship is needed. The process of creating Jadau jewelry encompasses activities alike…

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  • Special Gem Research

    Whereas, in most colored gems, the cutters primary aim is to show off the gem’s best color. Cutting precision is not as crucial as it is with diamonds. In addition, to show off a colored stone’s best color, cutters must often consider pleochroism and color zoning. Gem cutters sometimes cut tanzanite rough to feature mostly purple in the finished gems, other times mostly blue. Whether the gem is a diamond or a colored stone, the cutter plans carefully in an attempt to produce the most valuable…

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  • Amethyst Research Paper

    The websites for more information is in this report if you need it: ALSO: If you are wondering what birthstones are for what month, then you chose the right report. Every month has a gem with a meaning. (Of course!) January’ s gem is garnet. If you wear garnet, then you will be safe while traveling. Garnet is red. …

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  • Size Of Diamond Research Paper

    How to Choose the Cut and Colour of a Diamond by its Size Medium-sized princess cut diamond. Large round brilliant cut diamonds. Small-sized fancy cut diamonds. Yellow diamond. Orange diamond. Blue diamond. Red diamond. White diamond. Cognac diamond. Just like people, diamonds are unique. They come in many sizes and colours and can be cut in numerous ways. Also, similar to people in the respect that works well on medium-sized memorial diamonds might not work well on large cremation diamonds,…

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  • Diamonds: The Hope Diamond In The World

    Diamonds. These small and rare rocks have been considered prized possessions throughout the ages. Diamonds are as old as the earth itself, and ever since their discovery they have captivated humans. Diamonds have come to represent many things, but in this paper, I will focus on power. I will track a certain diamond through its’ dated 350-year period, and use it to understand the individuals who owned it and the power it gave them. The diamond I refer to is the hope diamond. The Hope diamond is…

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  • Diamond Value Of Diamonds

    Their association with love and beauty are what make diamonds so precious. The fascination with diamonds isn't a modern-day phenomenon. Their history is entwined with the history of the world itself. A Roman naturalist in the first century AD described a diamond as "...the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world." Every ton of rock yields barely a half a carat of diamonds, which makes mining a long and arduous process. By slipping a diamond on your finger you…

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