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  • Functional Level Strategy Case Study: Wynn Resorts, Inc.

    has positioned itself in very particular areas. They are not just random locations. The development of Wynn resorts in these areas represents a strategic opportunity. There are three location specifically chosen with a purpose. There is the Las Vegas location which is practically a resort town with endless entertainment and casinos. They place where it all began and the perfect spot to be in for Wynn Resorts, Ltd. The Macau location which is a very popular gaming destination in the world. This a place where Wynn has found tremendous growth opportunity in because although the Chinese government does not allow casinos in its mainland, they have broken the casino monopoly in Macau. The Massachusetts location a new up incoming location this state is the fourth richest state and Wynn resorts target market consists of high income individuals a perfect target to gain market share. The product that Wynn Resorts sells is a luxury destination experience, which allows consumer to justify spending significant amounts of money gambling, dining, drinking, shopping and in all the other amenities Wynn resorts offers. The strategic development of its products is one of Wynn Resorts greatest marketing strengths. The company strategically developed the Wynn brand name to be synonymous with high quality…

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  • Social Impacts Of Gambling In Macau

    Macau is a small city based at the mouth of the Pearl River Delta in southwest China, which is often called the “Las Vegas of the Orient” (Kong et al., 2015); for its 36 casinos that have contributed $44.1 billion in gaming revenue which is 7 times the annual gaming revenue income in Las Vegas (Greenwood et al., 2014). Consequently, the legalization of gambling in 1847, Macau has been the lead of the gambling industry in Asian casinos (Wan, 2012), it was not until 2001 that the government in…

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  • Wynn Resorts Swot Analysis

    Conceptual frame works 2 3. SWOT analysis 3 4. Porter’s Five Forces 4 5. P.E.S.T.E.L 5 6. Business strategy evaluation 6 7. Conclusion 7 8. Reference list 1. Wynn Resort, Ltd. Background Wynn Resort, Limited develops and operate luxury Hotel and casino with that only target the most high-ended customers. It has two casinos Wynn Las Vegas Resort and Wynn Macau which separately located in Las Vegas…

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  • Grand Hyatt Hotel Case Study

    Introduction Grand Hyatt Macau is convention hotel and Butterfly on Prat Boutique Hotel is boutique hotel. Both they are famous in the world. Their type is different, so their facilities are different to suitable for their target market. In this project, will comparison this two hotel from facilities and services. Also, will introduce the hotel and their hotel group background. 2.1 Grand Hyatt Macau: Hyatt Hotels and Resorts Hyatt Hotels and Resorts group is the world's top multinational…

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  • Corruption In China Essay

    Macau is sometimes referred to the “Macau Laundry Service” and this laundry service has proven to be especially attractive to corrupt Chinese officials (Osnos). These corrupt government officials typically spend a lot of money, however, the money isn’t theirs to spend. On one account a party of two party officials lost a staggering $12 million in Macau casinos (Osnos). Unfortunately, this kind of behavior is typical of many party officials. On average it is estimated that officials might spend…

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  • Macao Case Study

    IV. The characteristic of the casino gaming and other entertainments There is no doubt that, Macau's most successful hotel or casino is the massive Las Vegas Sands flagship Venetian Macao resort. The Venetian Macao is considered as one of the most luxurious and largest casinos hotels in Macau. In the Venetian Macao, there are 120,000 square feet of gaming area and provide 850 gaming tables. The Venetian offer variety type of games to gambler. For example, the blackjack, roulette, craps, Spanish…

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  • Importance Of Two Different Educational System

    study in Macau. But I still ran for the “Zhongkao”, Senior High School Entrance Examination. I am going to talk about my experience under this two different educational system. When I was 13, I went to junior high school in my hometown. It was a key school in our Province so that it had a high educational plan to every student. . We had the same goal when the first day we sat together in class that was the Senior High School Entrance Examination. It was so strange that the exam only…

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  • Mgm Case Study

    How has globalization influenced MGM from Las Vegas? The MGM Resorts International, known as MGM, was formed in 1986 as a subsidiary of Kerkorian’s Tracinda Corporation. It is a global gaming, hospitality, and tourism company which operates in Las Vegas, Macau, New Jersey, Detroit, and Mississippi and its headquarters is located in Las Vegas. Bellagio, MGM Grand, The Mirage, and Mandalay are the hotels and casinos owned by MGM Resorts. The company once focused on the casinos and resorts…

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  • American Casinos

    Leading 10 Places to Gamble The Venetian Macau, the most significant casino worldwide without a doubt, has really been opened this summertime season. Even with Macau quickly winding up being the world's first alternative for gambling, there is definitely nothing like Las Vegas having a hotel space and gambling chair for everyone. Cruise liner for gamblers belong to only one thing-- time to wager. It does not really matter where you are taking a trip as cruise liner consist of a few of the best…

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  • Analysis Of Travel Differences In Hong Kong

    travelling. Education level is closely associated with income, these two elements influence travelers on choosing whether nearby or farther destinations. Tourists who have higher level of education background and disposable income prefer travelling farther away from home. (Zimmer, Brayley & Searle, 1995) Respondents with higher monthly income (more than HK$15,000) and higher educational level (Undergraduate or Postgraduate) chose relatively farther destinations such as Qingdao, Japan and other…

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