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  • Simone Ggbo Case Study

    The major objective of this essay is to select a case from the International Criminal Court and to describe the circumstances of the case, the parties involved, the alleged crimes, the evidence presented by both prosecution and defense, and the current disposition of the case. The case that I have selected to write about is the case of The Prosecutor VS Simone Gbagbo. The parties involved in this case are Simone Gbargo, her husband President Gbagbo, the citizens of Ivory Coast which is located in west Africa , and finally the International criminal court. In the case of the Prosecutor VS Simone Gbagbo, the defendant is accused of violating the Roman statue and violating crimes against humanities which include murder, rape and sexual…

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  • Instructional Intervention In Education

    Teaching Technology plays an important role in today’s society. Incorporating it into the classroom in the elementary grades is a great way for students to benefit in the future, as they are introduced to more advanced technology each year. I would incorporate videos on a Smart Board, in my lessons, as a way to enhance my teaching, specifically to make the lessons more interesting. This would be a good way to teach Nancy, who has a problem concentrating if she thinks the lesson is boring. An…

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  • Laurent Clerc Book Report

    “Laurent Clerc: The Story of His Early Years” is a book based upon Laurent Clerc life as a deaf child and how he comes to find of others who were also deaf and learn school. In the first few chapter of the book Laurent Clerc is living at home with his family in La Balme. His mother takes him to see doctors and check him out but no one could seem to see what was wrong with him. They would perform all sorts of test on the boy, such as putting medicine in his ears. None of the doctor’s methods…

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  • Truth: Digging Into The Classroom

    At 8:50 in the morning, Truth, a 1st grader, walks into the class. The first thing I noticed was that his neighbor had forgotten her pencil. Without a second thought, Truth generously offered her one of his. I was introduced to Truth and told him that I was going to be a teacher someday and I wanted to see what it was like to be a student, he laughed and seemed excited to teach me about being a student. Truth was Calendar helper when carpet time began. I watched him grin from ear to ear as he…

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  • APA Reflection Paper

    However, most of these strategies are aimed for students who do not have a disability. The guided reading approach is recommended by the Laurent Clerc National Education Center from Gallaudet University (Schirmer & Schaffer, 2010). According to the Clerc Center there are three parts to the guided reading approach; (1) before reading which includes elicit prior knowledge,, build background knowledge, and introducing the book; (2) during reading includes a picture walk through the book, educator…

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  • My Narrative Essay: I Want To Be A Teacher

    My narrative essay is from when I first discovered I wanted to be a teacher and how it came about. It was not a triumph or anything of that sort, it took a struggle for me discover what I wanted to be. It also took the encouragement and help of a highschool teacher that I didn’t even have for class at the time, but he was committed to helping me. My first two years of highschool I didn’t care about grades or what I got as long as my grades were good enough to keep playing sports, everything was…

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  • Alice Cogswell Research Paper

    Thomas Gallaudet and inspiring him to find a way for her and other deaf people to be able to get a proper education, the deaf might have never had the same opportunities that hearing people have. I truly think it is amazing that a young man was so inspired by a deaf nine year old girl, that he was determined to make it possible for her and other deaf people to get a proper education. There is a statue of Thomas and Alice on the campus of Gallaudet University. The statue is of him seated in a…

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  • Class Discussions And Partner Analysis

    Class discussions and partner share will be a teaching strategies used in our class. It will be important that we teach students what it takes to be an effective lesson partner. Students will be instructed on how to look at their partner, lean towards them, allow them to share prior to add to the discussion and they will know that everyone will be required to participate. With these strategies in place, students will become much more effective partners. As I’m deal with a Pre K-2 SDC class…

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  • The Importance Of Being Deaf

    In 1817 the most seasoned lasting school for the Deaf in the United States was established by Thomas Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc. After that numerous schools for Deaf started opening. These schools allowed students to be instructed while being with other Deaf individuals and adding to a feeling of group. This grew a greater amount of a personality. They had a place where they belonged. Likewise at these schools they found out about Deaf history and society. There are two schools for the Deaf in…

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  • My Goals For High School

    My Goals This semester is a new beginning for me. I 'm excited to continue this year working hard for good grades and experiencing new opportunities that make me a better person. My grades in school are my highest priority. I’m always worried about my grades going down or not being prepared for an exam. However, I will not back down this semester. I plan to do the best I can to learn a good impression for the rest of the college years. This year is the start of many more and I don’t want bad…

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