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  • Blue Topaz Research Paper

    "The blue topaz has remained one of the most popular gemstones in the United States because of its vibrant blue color" (Branstrator). The blue topaz is the birthstone of those who were born in December. The blue topaz has also been a part of history, dating back to the Egyptians (Topaz History). The blue topaz is one of the most unique, fashionable, historical, and incredible gemstones on planet earth. The Blue topaz is found in the enormous crystals in pegmatite dikes (Topaz). Pegmatite dikes comprise extremely coarse crystalline granitic rocks (Dike ( Geology )). It can also be found in rhyolite, gneisses, and schists which are very acidic (Topaz)." Topaz crystallizes from fluorine-rich vapor in the final stages of solidification of igneous rock" (Topaz). Topaz can also be found in locations that consist of cassiterite and fluorite (Brannan). "These areas are most often found where rhyolite lava is commonly found or where granitic pegmatites occur" (Brannan). The topaz can be found in places all over the world including: North America, Australia, Africa, Asia, and South America (Brannan). However the blue topaz can be found in the Ural Mountains near Sverdlovsk (Gems and Gem Materials ). Topaz can come in a variety of colors. Topaz can be found as red, yellow, pale gray, a reddish-orange or blue brown, however, pure topaz is clear (Topaz). It can also be white, pale green, blue, gold, pink, reddish-yellow or opaque to transparent/translucent (Topaz)". The most common…

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  • Great Valley Sequence

    By dating ammonite fossils, we know that the Panoche Formation (Mid-Cretaceous) is older than the Moreno formation. The conglomerates’ clasts have sizes around 5cm in diameter and they are round to sub-angular. Mineralogy of the clasts includes slightly metamorphosed felsic extrusive igneous rocks (rhyolite to dacite), metamorphic rocks (quartzite) that have high T/P ratios, greywacke, and chert. The source of the clasts might be a continental crust. The Panoche Formation was part of the…

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  • Glenbow Museum Analysis

    The basic plan of the museum is simple and divided into three floors dedicated to different themes. In short, the first floor is dedicated to the temporary exhibition as well as exhibits from the art of Asia, feature exhibitions, picturing the northwest and arc discovery room. And the third floor consists of the sections dedicated to West Africa, mineralogy and feature exhibitions, warriors and museum school. For the present ethnographic field work, the focus was the third floor which is…

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  • Early American Museum Case Study

    Charles Willson Peale, the founder of the Philadelphia Museum (1786), wanted museum visitors to see the great plan of nature, so he displayed the natural history collection based on the Linnaean binomial system with labels. He employed epoch-making exhibition methods such as birds with natural poses amid nests, other three-dimensional surroundings with curved watercolor backgrounds. These display methods were exemplified today. Peale idolized lectures series with twelve teaching professors in…

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  • Age Of Enlightenment

    volumes, comprising of scientific, technical, and historical knowledge, carried a strong undertone of criticism of existing society and institutions. Virtually all the French philosophers contributed – Voltaire, Montesquieu, Rousseau, and many others. It was not the first encyclopedia, but it was the first that had such a big impact on the progress of the society. The Encyclopédie became widely known and read across Europe, before the French Revolution. As such, it influenced the thoughts of the…

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  • The Importance Of Regolith In West Africa

    be reduced or overcome by employing airborne geophysical data and remote sensing data (Wilford et al., 1997; Papp 2002, Woolrych and Batty, 2007; Cracknell et al., 2015), which assess the diverse physical properties of regolith materials. These datasets provide superior data coverage and may be utilized both via visual interpretation and automated classification methods. In countries such as Australia or Canada, precompetitive datasets that include moderate resolution airborne geophysics…

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  • Lagoa Vermelha Case Study

    The bacterial sulfate-reduction accounts for more than 80% of carbon oxidation (Canfield et al 1993) and can mediate microbial mineralization of dolomite under physiological temperatures and anoxic conditions (Warthmann et al 2000; van Lith et al 2003a,b; Warthmann et al 2005). Mineral precipitation may be a by-product of bacterial metabolism and the quality and quantity of exopolymeric substances (EPS) control the mineralogy and morphology of crystalline phases (Arp et al 2003; Braissant et al…

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  • Horace Hayden Accomplishments

    "I feel no hesitation in saying that the decay in human teeth is occasioned almost universally by an acid, or otherwise morbid secretion from the mouth and gums" (Hyson). Without Hayden coming up with this theory about dental cavities, people would have not known for a long time about how cavities are created in the oral cavity. Horace Hayden also published three dental articles in the first volume of the American Journal (Dictionary of American Biography). His articles were mostly about the…

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  • Contributions Of Louis Pasteur

    Pasteur’s remains were originally within the Cathedral of Notre Dame, and then later moved to the Paris Pasteur Institute. Pasteur won numerous amounts of rewards and accreditations. He received the Rumford medal for the discovery of racemic acid and its relationship with polarized light from the Royal Society of London in 1856. He received the Copley medal for his work with fermentation in 1874. His work for experimental physiology was awarded with Montyon Prizes (1859) by the French Academy…

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  • Multi Stage Fracturing Research Paper

    of the stress profile helps in determining the propagation direction of fractures hence choosing the optimum fracture geometry. Fracture geometry can be achieved either by pumping an acid or a proppant. Making a decision of how to achieve this geometry have a key impact on the efficiency of the stimulation process. The success of multistage fracturing is controlled to a large extent by the right choice of fracturing fluid. Fluid characteristics, mainly viscosity, control the width of the…

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