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  • Hibernation Essay

    in the research of nerve cells? Hibernation, usually thought of as a means of survival for mammals during unfavourable environmental conditions (Carey, Andrews, & Martin, 2003), was used by Victor Popov and colleagues at the Russian Academy of Sciences on March 10th. 2011 as a study technique in furthering knowledge about the cell cycle of nerve cells (neurons) in the brains of adult ground squirrels. Previously, scientists believed that after entering adulthood, mammals could no longer generate new neurons…

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  • Impact On TRMPLIV

    mucolipidosis type IV” discussed the impacts of TRMPL1 on MLIV. Lysosomes are important in maintaining healthy cells, however, with the absence of lysosomal TRP channel TRPML1 then the lysosomal pH becomes more acidic because of the calcium leakage; hence, this makes lysosomes more sensitive to fusing, and due to being near exocytosis regulating secretory granules in polarized secretory cells, phagocytosis occurs between the two organelles to create a larger organelle. This enlargement fusion…

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  • Nucleus Essay

    found inside a eukaryotic cell; it’s usually the most prominent organelle, yet it occupies only 10% of the total volume of the cell. If this cell did not have a Nucleus, it would be defined as a prokaryote cell, however if the Nucleus was damaged and not repaired, the cell would simply die. The cell nucleus is enclosed within a double membrane (contains an Inner and Outer Nuclear Membrane) called the Nuclear Envelope, which separates the Chromosomes from the Cytoplasm and allows material to…

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  • Difference Between Gametogenesis And Spermatogenesis

    QUESTION No 1 How eggs and sperms are produced? Explain in detail the mechanism of fusion of Egg and sperm in human? ANSWER: Gametogenesis is the formation of the sex cells in multicellular eukaryotes. The word Gameto mean the gametes and genesis for formation of . Gametes typically come in male (sperm) and female (eggs). In human , the process involves two specialized cell divisions. The purpose is to create a haploid cell able to be well-suited with another haploid cell. Sperms is formed…

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  • Porous Ceramics Essay

    is biocompatible, osteoconductive, and bonds to bone without an intervening fibrous connective tissue interface. This material has been widely used for filling bone defects. When granules of bioactive glass are inserted into bone defects, ions are released in body fluids and precipitate into a bone-like apatite on the surface, promoting the adhesion and proliferation of osteogenic cells. After long-term implantation, this biological apatite layer is partially replaced by bone. Bioactive glass…

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  • Analysis Of Your Inner Fish By Neil Shubin

    Neil Shubin’s documentary series “Your Inner Fish” explores the relationship between humans and all other living organisms. Shubin delves into human evolution to uncover similarities that connect humans with the world around them. The anatomist studies fossils, embryos, and various other parts to compare humans to fish, reptiles, and primates. Shubin challenges the common beliefs about evolution by recognizing the corresponding features between humans and seemingly unrelated organisms. The…

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  • Human Cloning: The Characteristics Of Humans?

    the chromosomes. Clones come from a scientific process called the somatic cell nuclear transfer or SCNT. During this process, scientists remove the chromosomes from the egg cell and replace them with the nucleus of a somatic cell which contains two sets of chromosomes. Since the nucleus of the somatic cell comes from a human who already displays genetic variation from their mother and father, the clone will receive both of their sets of chromosomes from one cell, and not from both the egg and…

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  • Animal Testing In Medicine

    studies that can contradict predetermined concepts. Therefore, researchers can be studying a peculiarity of some specie that can be resulted by many different factors. Trying to apply this new discovery in humans can be catastrophic as these new concepts cannot be applicable to human beings. For example in 1960’s, experimentation on animals showed that the tobacco did not cause lung cancer, although it caused some minor issues. This research was used for years as an argument to delay the…

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  • Animal Cell Process Lab Report

    headquarters, and with that our micro-V96 craft was propelled towards the cell membrane for the first leg of our journey to investigate the process of Protein Synthesis in a eukaryotic animal cell. The cell membrane is a delicate wall of phospholipid molecules, consisting of hydrophilic heads and hydrophobic tails that swayed and looked like a mosaic. Our craft could not enter the cell directly through the semi-permeable membrane as it consisted of a negatively charged polysaccharide which was…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Gm Foods

    they are developed because there is some perceived advantage either for the producer or consumer of these foods. This is meant to translate into a product with a lower price, greater benefit in terms of durability or nutritional value. How can DNA be moved from one organism to another? • Find an organism with the desired trait • Isolate the gene sequence that codes for the desired trait • Insert the gene sequence into the genome of the plant cell • Allow the genetically altered cell to grow…

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