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  • Federal Grant Types

    A federal grant is monetary funding awarded by the United States Federal Government to a recipient for humanitarian purposes or for the good of the general population. Federal Grants have specific guidelines and failure to follow these mandated guidelines can lead to severe legal impact for the recipient. These grants are awarded to state and county governments or to not for profit organizations. Individuals and businesses do not qualify for federal grants directly. These grants are normally large scale grants to fund medical research or for large scale community projects. Each grant is designed for a different purpose, with a different requirement, and monetary award. There are many types of federal grants in existence today however,…

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  • The Role Of Grant In The Military

    After the Civil War, Grant was sent to Madison Barracks in New Sackets Harbor, New York and was eventually out west to Fort Humboldt. Grant became very bored serving as the quartermaster in peace time knowing that he was little more than a commissioned clerk. Grant was eventually promoted to captain but had built a reputation as being a drunk. Grant, separated from his family for some time now, had become lonely without his wife Julia and his sons. To make things worse, Grant’s new…

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  • The Pell Grant: Effects On Higher Education

    The Pell Grant: Effects on Higher Education Introduction Both the federal and state governments play a crucial role in helping to finance higher education. While it is true that both levels provide an important amount of aid, it seems that in today’s world the importance of funding given by the federal government has increased. The increase in the reliance on the federal government for funding is a result of the decrease in the amount of appropriations given by the states (Kretovics, 2011).…

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  • Ulysses S. Grant Biography

    Ulysses S. Grant is an American hero who defeated the Confederate Army during the Civil War. As general of the Union Army, his tactics and strategies led to his victory. He did not start off as an American hero that people see him as today. Through his experiences in his early life, in school, and in a previous war, led him to be the great general he turned out to be. Hiram Ulysses Grant was born in Point Pleasant, Ohio; on April 27, 1822. Grant was the son of Jesse Root Grant and Hannah…

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  • Land Grant College Act

    In the mid-eighteenth century an educational revolution was brewing in the country. Many people viewed the traditional colleges as aristocratic and outdated with course work that mainly produced educators, lawyers, and theologians. People called for a new method of collegiate learning, one that focused on broadening the education of students by promoting agricultural centered schools, science, and engineering. These new colleges would not only allow students to choose their own classes but also…

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  • Ulyssess Grant Essay Thesis

    Ulysses S. Grant Research Paper Ulysses S. Grant was a quiet and reserved man however he was able to inspire a sense of bravery among his soldiers who fought on American battlefields (“American President”). He once said “In every battle there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten, then he who continues the attack wins (“Ulysses S. Grant Quotes” brainyquote). The man we know as Grant was an honorable man who entrusted others and did not see dishonor in them. This man lead…

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  • Ulysses S. Grant Research Paper

    Ulysses S. Grant: President and Union General “I can’t spare this man-he fights”, said by President Abraham Lincoln (“Ulysses Simpson Grant”). This was said by him because Ulysses never gives up until he succeeds. Ulysses S. Grant was the 18th president of the United States of America (1868-1872). Ulysses was also the Union General in the Civil War from 1861 to 1865 (“Ulysses S. Grant”). Without Ulysses the Confederates would have defeated the Union army (“Ulysses S. Grant”). Ulysses S. Grant…

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  • Compare And Contrast Between Grant And Lee

    During the Civil War, the famous generals, Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, paved the way for new American ideals. Bruce Catton analyzes the contrast between the beliefs and strategies of Grant and Lee, while comparing their similar personalities in his essay, “Grant and Lee: A study in Contrast.” These two powerful generals, different yet similar, reflect the strength of opposing views which had come to a final collision. Catton creates a serious tone, while also developing symbolism and…

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  • How Did Ulysses S. Grant Become A Hero?

    Ulysses S. Grant became a hero? Many people know that he was as a great military leader during the Civil War and that he was the 8th president of the United States. However, many people don’t know that Ulysses S. Grant’s path to leadership and success was marked by many challenges and failures. Four important things to know about Grant is that he was not a very good student in school, he believed that the Mexican-America war was fought for the wrong reasons, he was a failure as a military…

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  • Why Ulysses S. Grant Won The Civil War?

    Union have Major General Ulysses S. Grant, and in the Confederate have Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton. John C. Pemberton began his service as a commander for the department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Texas. He had rapid promotions, and was made a lieutenant in 1862. Ulysses S. Grant volunteered his military services, and he was initially denied by his appointments. Then after a couple years he was appointed to command an unruly twenty-first Illinois volunteer regiment. He learned…

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