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  • Essay On Hardcore Law Breaking

    It is exciting to stand on something that no one else gets to. From the bridge we had a quality view of the pier on one side and the flats on the other. On the left were sailboats leaving and groups of people having picnics. On the right was a view of the tops of the short buildings of the flats. We stayed on this bridge for a long time. We talked and took pictures until one of the rapid trains stopped near us and did not continue going. By then we figured we had overstayed our welcome and decided it was best to leave. The basement was the only finished part of the house; containing both carpet and actual glass in the windows. Under the basement stairs was a small crawl space that went back several feet and turned left. In the dark basement it was impossible to see what was around the corner. “I dare you to go in there”, I told Sam. “No way! Why don’t you?”…

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  • Effects Of Payment Woes In The Construction Industry

    construction (Nordin, Takim & Nawawi, 2013). A large numbers of complaints have been received between 2008 to 2011, how about on this year? What will happen if there is no actions taken by the government? Hence, Malaysian government should enacts act on corruption not only in construction industry but in all industries. f) Public accountability for money spent on public buildings and infrastructure Problems arise from public accountability for money spent on public buildings and…

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  • The Construction Industry

    The construction industry is one of the high risk industry with more number of injuries and fatalities reported compared to other industries. The construction industry has also been performing poorly on health and safety of its employees. In New Zealand, the construction sector is the sixth largest sector which employs 180,000 people. The Construction Sector Action Plan of 2011 suggests that the construction industry in New Zealand had the highest rate of fatal injury making it almost thrice the…

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  • Characteristics Of Balinese Architecture

    Balinese architecture is a vernacular style of architecture wherein designers use local materials to help construct buildings, structures, and houses, as well as reflecting local tradition. It is a centuries-old style of design that’s heavily influenced by Bali’s Hindu traditions, as well as ancient Javanese elements. For the materials that are required for Balinese homes and buildings mostly will be thatch roofing, coconut wood, teak wood, stone, bamboo and bricks. Balinese architecture has…

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  • Analysis Of Punggol: From Kampung To Developmental Heartland

    Chen Yiqi GEM1902P Reflection Piece Punggol – From Kampung to Developmental Heartland On the walls of the void decks of towering blocks of HDB flats in Edgefield Plains, one would be surprised to find a series of murals filling the public space. Painted along the outer edges and corners of the HDB flats, being incorporated into dents on the walls and pillars, its cartoonish style is juxtaposed with the sleek and modern architecture of the buildings that house these murals. Figure 1: Mural…

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  • Preamble And Justification Of The Four Policies

    Part 3: Preamble and Justification of the Four Policies Part 3.1: Policy Safety 1: Rebuilding, Monitoring and Assessments of Building Safety The council will grant planning permission for the development where safety will be maintained and enhanced, with its main focuses on:  Rebuilding damaged buildings by flooding or other disasters which improve their quality of safety to live in, and to ensure safety is valued during the development.  Ensuring that the quality of buildings will be…

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  • New City Meeting Case Study

    The auditorium would house many office building, including new additions to the municipal buildings within the town. The proposal for a new auditorium also fans further than just an auditorium, within the proposal, there were plans for multiple buildings, such as a fire station, and extensions of the jail and dining facilities. All the different bids that were being proposed for the new city auditorium were all designed for different aspects, and systems that would permit maximum flexibility…

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  • Toyo Ito Theory

    Much more earlier than Sendai Mediatheque, Tower of Winds was built in 1986 in Nishi-ku. Compared to Sendai Mediatheque, Tower of Winds rivets attention on one environmental elements rather than providing a space for several sensations at the same time. Seems like effected by Kazuo Shinohara and have his own opinion about Silver Aesthetic, Toyo Ito spent plenty of time on study the properties of metal and glass, such as his work Nagaoka Lyric Hall “enveloped by corrugated glass”, Silver Hut…

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  • Residential Home Essay

    done by Jonas E. Andersson, a PhD Fellow at the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. Both targeted homes were managed by a municipal real estate company for care facilities and all the interior renovations done were limited only to the communal spaces of the two building. The overall aim of the intervention project was to attribute the interior settings with subsidiary quality, which would benefit elderly individuals with functional impairment to find their own way from their respective…

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  • Austinmer Beach House Case Study

    Since the beach house is located in a residential area where there are existing homes, the natural factors were not too difficult to work around. However, when building adjacent to existing structures, it is common practice to attempt to design your structure so that it fits in to the neighborhood and does not stick out like a big ugly thumb. In the case of the Austinmer Beach House, the existing structures adjacent to the beach house allowed for the design of the beach house to be more creative…

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