The Choice Of A Career In The University For Architectural Engineering Course

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Draft of project study

This essay will shows the choice of a major and the reasons of choosing this major. Then it will shows the career options that will be able to work.
First of all my degree I had choose BEng Architectural engineering because of many reasons. Starting with my parents they supported me a lot to be here in John moors university here where I am at the foundation programme doing my degree. My father he was the first person who lit a spark in me about this major. I have a good background because he always telling me about everything has a relationship with architectural. This led me to think that he is architectural engineering and because we have our own factory which is all about iron, glass and aluminium. I was shocked
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Begin with, Newcastle University It will ask for a portfolio to enter the University for Architectural Engineering Course. In LJMU the achievement to enter the first year is 55 for the overall. Newcastle University the achievement to enter the first year is 65 in the overall.
Talking about Lecture Derek king. Lecture Derek worked At LJMU since 2008. The professional experience that graduate member of charted institution of building service engineering (CIBSE). The Lectures would be in building service engineering and curriculum manger of construction. Also some research has interests by lecture Derek which would be building service training in Britain. France and Germany Thermal Comfort and Physiology.
LJMU took the student to visit the university to learn more about the course that has been chosen and about the university. That visit happened when the student in their foundation programme. Student will be with one of the lectures in John Moors University. The lecture of this year for January starters surprisingly lecture Derek that this essay talk about before. Dr Derek introduce a plethora information about the course. Students saw the anthropomorphic of the city which will be Liverpool one that has been done by the university. Walking around the university and saw some of laps and students working in some engine and building. Also large space of room for design
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It can be week because of some reasons that will be shown on this research. First, it depend on the place or the position of the house in the country. For an example if the country have windy weather or hurricane or it could be earth quick. Now for the design because of the weakness of the clay it would not be shaped in some designs that it would be in the imagination of people or the architect. Thinking of the speed of the construction it would be finished early which mean fast but, it might took some time to be ready that it would not fall in because after the house will be finish the house should be left some time

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