San Benito Heating Case Study

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a. Consider authorization of a contract with San Benito Heating and Sheet Metal for roof repairs to the Community Services Building. (NTE $5,184): E.D. Flores reached out to Steel Solutions for an additional proposal but was not provided a proposal. E.D. Flores requested authorization to issue the contract to San Benito Heating. A motion was made to approve the contract with San Benito Heating. If Royce does respond back to CSDC please let board know.
M/ Diaz S/ Wright V/U

b. Consider authorization of a contract with Johnson Controls repairs and improvements to the CSB Chiller. NTE $10,558: E.D. Flores requested authorization to issue a contract to JCI for repairs to the CSB chiller. Thermal Mechanical and Silicon Valley Mechanical also
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Self-help, Southside hospital site: The County received a proposal for demo of the old hospital building. The proposal came to $341,000. E.D. Flores contacted Randazzo Demolition for an updated proposal, including itemized costs. Our previous proposal was $384,000 for demo of all buildings, paving, and soils work. Randazzo was CSDC’s previous low bidder and is also the County’s low bidder. The County may want to move forward and tear down the building and have CSDC purchase the land. E.D. Flores will schedule a follow up meeting with the County to determine how we will move forward. Once E.D. Flores has more figures or information the board will be notified via email if …show more content…
CSDC ordered a table for the event annually. Please let E.D. Flores know who will be attending. Chair Gonzales asked if there is an Honoree; there is none at this time

Self-help – E.D. Flores met with Jim Mathers, with Silicon Valley Housing Trusts. He is interested in how he can help San Benito County. SVHT has CAL home funds available but only for Santa Clara County. We are discussion how we can move the grant fund to San Benito County. EDD lease is coming up. The county wants to be the master lease holder and sublease to EDD. EDD has requested improvement prior to entering into the sublease. E.D. Flores has a few items that he wants to negotiate. E.D. Flores has received quotes for some improvements and will meet with the County to negotiate repayment of the improvements.

E.D. Flores met with James Rydingsword and Jose Vasquez. There is grant funding for up to $2 million for transitional housing. The County is considering expanding on the Homeless Shelter to add a few permanent housing units or purchase Wiebe Motel and turn it into transitional housing. E.D. Flores considered the funds to possibly expand the Southside mobile home site to 29 units, with 15 units for transitional housing and 16 temporary units there if the County would issue the grant to

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