Phi Theta Kapp Leadership Analysis

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There are many traits that conform a leader, and there are various types of leaders. To me, a leader inspires people around them with his or her actions. Integrity plays a major role to influence others and also to be trusted. Doing what is right sometimes can be more difficult, but I believe that this will create a better relationship with people around us. To be a good leader trust is essential, from both the leader and the followers. A leader cares for others, and assists them to accomplish their personal and common goals.

Phi Theta Kappa gives you many opportunities to take a leadership role, as an officer of the chapter, or you can lead one of many outing that we have with multiple organizations throughout the semester.

Know that every single one of you can play a major role in the future of the chapter. Leadership is not just about leading, but also about following. To accomplish great things is
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I’m thankful that I have the opportunity of serving with Nancy, Austin, Albert, San, Gabe and tony. Our personalities are completely different but together we make a great team. One of our officers, last semester was sitting where you are now.

This semester most of our officers will graduate and some of the people who are to be inducted tonight will take the lead of our chapter.

You have everything that is needed to be the next leaders. One of our officers this semester was sitting where you sitting now, and he’s done a great job.

What makes you different from other students is your determination, and your hard work. Now you will be part of your family, and we will be there to help you succeed. I invite you to embrace the leader inside you. Give your self the opportunity to meet more people, involve yourself, you won’t regret

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