Phi Theta Kappa Honor Student Analysis

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Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship are the cornerstone of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors society, and a well-rounded member should be able to demonstrate proficiency in each one of them. As for myself, I have been using these hallmarks to reach my full potential as an individual and a member, and participate in the betterment of my community through them.
Scholarly, I am a dedicated student and I am always applying myself in my studies. Excelling academically has always been one of my main priorities, and I worked hard to perform at a high level, and get good grades throughout my academic career. As a civil engineering major, my degree’s coursework is made of many science and mathematics classes that are challenging and require endless
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I got elected as Vice President of Leadership, and since then I have been continuously looking for new ways to better our chapter. Communicating directly with our members and answering all their wonders is very important for me, as well as maintaining a good partnership with them. As a legacy from previous officers, it is now my duty as a new officer to get new members involved too by giving them opportunities to help in whichever ways that they can. Additionally, I do acknowledge that learning leadership skills (like public speaking, time management, delegation, etc...) is imperative in order to become a good leader. For this reason, I enrolled in a leadership development course at my college called the “Student Leadership Institute” and for which I received credit. It gave me a better understanding of all the qualities required to become an effective leader, and I am walking toward completing the second level of this semester-long course during this upcoming fall semester. I am also a five-star member, meaning that I completed the five-star competitive edge coursework which helps members acquiring leadership skills as well as providing them with knowledge on various subject. Besides, I understood soon that getting professional experience will make a significant difference when looking for a job. I hence looked for and got a summer internship …show more content…
We went through an extensive officer training during the summer, led by our advisors and alumni. From that point onward, we have been feeling like a big family, and working together on every single projects that we came up with. As an example, we dedicated most of our summer time to select our Honors in Action topic, and College Project idea. We obviously went through moments of disaccord, but we always passed these disagreements and found common grounds to keep on moving forward. It is clear for each one of us that our responsibilities are not limited just to the ones tied to our titles, but it is also our duty to help fellow officers in whichever ways that we can. Moreover, it is one of our priority to establish good relations and partnership with fellow chapters across our district, and more largely across the state. For this reason, we have been attending induction ceremonies of other chapters. Additionally, we organized a “Fun Day” event on campus during the first half of the summer and invited all the chapters of the Dallas Community College District to be part of it. To our great surprise, most of the chapters came, and our guests let us know afterwards how happy they were to participate in such an event. This initiative paved the way for us for collaborating with sister-chapters in the

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