National Junior Honor Society Analysis

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One breath away! One breath away, someone is freezing, all alone. The last shred of warmness in his body will be gone. His heart will turn cold. He is one breath away from complete coldness. Then, all of the sudden, the wind acts as a kind hand, letting a soft, warm breeze reach to him. Flowers bloom; spring has arrived! The man says, “Thank you for taking my cold breath away.” Now, what the man doesn’t know is that there is an organization that is shaping students across the nation into being kind hearted kids that help the environment, and the poor. National Junior Honor Society is an organization that is meant to teach youth how to help their communities. When people help their communities, the community becomes balanced. Eventually, in region after region, the whole wide world becomes more balanced. This is a breathtaking experience everyone should want to see. Balancing a community takes hard work and kindness. Because I have a mindset to contribute to society, and skills that will benefit the world, I should be accepted into this organization. …show more content…
I actively participate in several clubs. I work very hard with all my school projects. At home, I also help my family take care of my sister, a seventeen year old who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth. We have had to make many sacrifices, such as time and money, but as a family we want the best life can offer for her. Sometimes, I help my mother by brushing my sister’s teeth, by helping her with therapy, and by feeding her. Even though one may not consider this to be much community service, I feel that I have been providing service my whole life. Helping my family really is community service, because I am helping someone in need, who is a part of our community. The daily commitment to serving my sister proves that I have all the necessary skills to become a member of the

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