3D Modeling Research Paper

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Technology ferries imagination closer to reality, the best example to reinstate this is, how 3D modeling has changed the presentation world of architecture designs. It's like pulling out the multi-dimensional images from your brain and painting them on a paper to see how it looks. The impact 3D modeling has, on presenting architectural services is the most transforming thing to have happened. Architecture and construction businesses started using 3D models on job sites and presentations of projects. 3D modeling is done by computers and machines through a long process. 3D modeling has been used in a lot of architecture presentations to help show and understand what the task at hand is. Imagine having a presentation of a house that is going to be constructed and seeing just pictures and bits and …show more content…
One way could be being at the job site and have confusion on the plans for the building and no one knows the answer. The owner of the business could have tablet that displays the project all from the tablet. In this tablet the owner would be able to look at a 3 dimensional view of the project and rotate it all around and go in the building. This would make it very easy to see all aspects of the building. Another reason is that it is more efficient with time and money, and is faster than drawings and really easy to learn how to make a 3D model. Also for construction if there is a need for a special design that needs supports someone could make a 3D model of the support and send it to a welder say, and make a special bolt and see if it works out. Also if there is a problem on the job site, and it has to be fixed someone could 3D print a part that would fit and fix the problem. If there is a need for a special crane for a job site of a skyscraper or something someone could have a 3D model of a crane and send it to the crane manufacture and sell the idea to the crane manufacture and make a ton of

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