Narrative Essay About Home Or Away

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Home or away? I know what I 'd choose in a heartbeat. For me, the summer months have always been one of the highlights of the year. From a young age, I have loved escaping to new places.
What made this holiday so special is that we were reunited with our good friends who live in Australia, The Fletcher family. For as long as I can remember, The Fletchers and my family have been very close friends. Our families would socialise every two or three weeks whether it was at a party or just spending Friday evenings together. Unfortunately, around 7 years ago, The Fletchers moved to Australia to begin a new life.
To this day, there have been only a few opportunities where we have been reunited. So, in summer 2015, The Fletcher family and my family decided to meet up somewhere in between Scotland and Australia. We decided on the exotic
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Already, it was our last day of the trip and I felt very at home by this point. I never wanted to leave. We decided to do something special on our last day rather than sunbathing by the pool and everyone (including myself) felt ambitious enough to try scuba diving. Scuba diving was a totally new experience for me and it was thrilling. It felt like I was in a completely new world. The sheer amount of wildlife I witnessed in the water was incredible. My eyes were instantly attracted to the vibrant colours of the corals and gentle, relaxing swaying motion in which they moved. The flocks of fish resembled a rainbow as they brushed quickly past me.
I began to reflect upon my trip to Malaysia as a whole. The scuba diving experience made me realise how much of the world I haven 't seen yet, as it was a completely unique to anything I had done in the past. I stared to understand what I would love to do more in the future; travel. There was rarely a moment of this trip I did not enjoy from the plane journey to going up the Petronas Towers. There was also not one point where I felt

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