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  • Water Safety: Shift Lifeguarding At A Local Swimming Pool

    Water Safety It was a hot summer day, and I was working a shift lifeguarding at a local swimming pool. I was taking my break in the staff room when I heard the alarm signal on the radios we use to communicate go off. Rushing outside immediately, I spotted my coworker Sam in the pool rescuing a small child. Fortunately, there were two guards on the pool at that time, so it was still being guarded. I went over to see if Sam needed help, and when I saw that it was handled, I took her spot on the guard stand so she could fill out an incident report and talk to the parents. Thankfully, the child was okay and didn’t seem too distressed about what had taken place. Sam later explained to me that the kid, who was about three years old, walked down the steps of the pool while his parents weren’t paying attention and stepped too deep, so he couldn’t stand. Since he was at a pool that was being lifeguarded, everything turned out okay. But there are many situations where a child could fall into deep water and go unnoticed, and the outcome would likely be much more horrific. This is why I think it is important that all kids at least have some basic water safety skills taught to them. It is fairly simple to teach young kids how to be comfortable in the water. It’s easiest to do this in a pool with a shallow end. Before I start teaching the kids, I…

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  • Stereotypes Of Exercise At The Swimming Pool

    Everyone knows that you need exercise to survive. The most common stereotype of exercise is that it is hard, painful, and/or boring, but really, it is often more enjoyable than sitting on your sofa, watching TV. That’s why I want you to come to the pool. “That’s not exercise!” You say? It is a lot more exercise than sitting on your sofa watching TV! First of all, swimming is fun! You get to hold your breath underwater, jump off the diving board, and do cannonballs into 3’ foot…

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  • Swimming Pool Workout Analysis

    How to Get a Good Workout in the Pool Working out in the pool might not seem like the most effective way to slim down and shape up, but a pool-based workout burns a surprising number of calories, boosts your metabolism, works every muscle in your body, and improves your over-all fitness level. Working out in the swimming pool is so effective because water provides natural resistance – as it is almost 800 times denser than air – so each movement that you make while submerged in water works your…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In The Swimming Pool

    I could do it. That was the only comprehensible thought my oxygen-depraved brain could create while it was screaming for air. Earlier that day, I had entered the pool room. Chlorine had filled my lungs and echoing splashes filled my ears. All the signs indicated a typical swim team practice was beginning. Five minutes later I stood at the edge of the pool, my swim cap gluing hair to scalp. The whistle blew; warm-up laps had begun. I delicately slid into the water; frigid liquid slowly…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Swimming Pool

    exclusively in heat one. Than one day I discovered I hated being slow. I hated watching the fast girls get out of the pool having finished their set knowing I was only three quarters of the way through. And I hated having to tell people what my best times were. I spent the summer before junior year swimming for a local club team, a first for me but old news for every other competitive swimmer. The practices were at 6:30 in the morning. The pool was half an hour away. It required serious…

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  • Theme Of The Poem Swimming Pool

    Key Term: Intoxicated Definition: To be under the influence of a substance and lose control of yourself/ your actions and decisions Reading Analysis: Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools”, demonstrates the term intoxicated completely. In the song, Lamar gets so intoxicated by alcohol he begins to do things that he normally wouldn’t do. In his line, “The freedom is granted as soon as the damage of vodka arrived”, demonstrates this. He begins to lose control of all his inhibitions and gains the…

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  • Swimming Pool Research Paper

    As a swimming pool owner if you want a pool that sparkles like a diamond basking in the desert sun, there's three things you must know about proper swimming pool maintenance. In this article I'm going to break down each of these essential points and explain why they're so important. Swimming Pool Maintenance Success Tip #1: Water Circulation. Think of your pool as a big bucket of water. Without adequate circulation and water movement it quickly becomes a safe haven for bacteria and algae.…

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  • The Story Of A Lifeguard

    Life at the Limit “Lifeguard” short story written by Barbara Scott "The Story of a lifeguard" is a short story in which Barbara Scott, the author, presents a teenager named Chris, who is living alone in Calgary and is struggling with a number of problems. Chris, sixteen-year-old who is living without his parents, works at the Bridge Land Community Swimming Pool. During his daily lifeguard job Chris meets a child named Mike, who unintentionally annoys Chris, and causes Chris to snap. Later,…

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  • The Swimmer Analysis

    The swimming pools, in “The Swimmer”, represent Neddie’s journey down the road to addiction and the consequences that his dependency has on his life and body. Neddie’s state of mind as he begins his addiction is described, “He had an inexplicable contempt for men who did not hurl themselves into pools. […] To be embraced and sustained by the light green water was less a pleasure, it seemed, than the resumption of a natural condition,” (Cheever, 777). Neddie describes the feeling that drinking…

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  • Essay On Adaptive Aquatics

    Cross’s Learn-to-Swim initiative and is meant to aid individuals that have special needs or disabilities. Swimming for People with Disabilities by Dimitrios Kokaridas provides information on the Hallwick Method, a method used by some instructors to teach students. Adaptive aquatics is beneficial for people with special needs and disabilities; students can increase their strength, confidence in themselves, and improve their fine motor skills. The adaptive aquatics program was formed recently in…

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