Personal Narrative: The Colvin Family

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“We will survive”

The Colvin family before I tell you about the Colvin I would have to tell you how we became the Colvin’s. My father is the late Rutherford Colvin, who was the son of the late Mr. & Mrs. Rev. Garfield Colvin they lived in Bay City Texas. My grandfather was a Methodist Minister and had his own church where visit every time when to see them. My grandmother was the first African American school teacher in Bay City High School. We always look forward to going Whataburger after church it was family tradition. They had three children my father was the oldest.
My father had a brother who died relatively young, he had five children. My heart always felt sad that their dad pass and we still had ours about 10 years later their mother died as well.
My Aunt Yvonne had one son however he was always older than the rest us we were very close. He was the rest of the family calls a career student he went to college so long. He was finally obtain his Master in Theater Arts. When my father and my uncle died Aunt Yvonne look after her brother children. She only had one Uncle Maurice had five she became their mother especial she died. Aunt Yvonne was the glue on my father side of the family, she was the Matriarch. The Matriarch died in 2014 my father has no
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& Mrs. West Marshall. My mother is the oldest of six children. She has two other sisters and three brother Brenda, Wesley, Wilbert (deceased), Cordell, and Keith. My mother often speaks being the only child for nine years before her brother Wilbert came along.
My mother and father had six children and all of my sibling are alive. I have two sisters and three brothers Cynthia, Earna, Rutherford, Keith, and Kerry. I also have a step sister name Bonnie by a prior marriage of my father. My parents were divorced when I was very young around about five or six years old that was a good decision for the both of them they argue a lot when they

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