Personal Narrative: The Kendall-Wright Family

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Family is such an important aspect to everyone’s lives, it is what shapes and develops you for the society that you are a part of. For this photographic essay, I decided to look at a family that I know well, the photos that I was able to gather from them help show their family and the uniqueness that they hold. The Kendall-Wright family is a biracial family of 4, who’s family has gone through many steps to identify who they are as a family. I have labeled and described the photos based on the terminology that was taught and learned from readings and lectures. The Kendall-Wright family story starts in the late summer of 1997, when Beth had her daughter Anna. Anna’s father wanted to be involved in her life until a few days after she was born, when he realized that he was not ready to have a child, and then left both of them. Beth had to learn how to be a single parent all on her own. In this first photo is Beth and Anna when it was just the two of them, Beth had to adjust her new life as a single parent which is related to the number of unmarried parents. It used to be a common trend that if a couple was expecting they would be married, but it is becoming a common childbearing trend of the rise in unmarried parents because of the decline in marriage. Beth decided to not get married to Anna’s father, and having a child as an unmarried parent. Beth …show more content…
Beth and Brandon both went to the same college but they had very different backgrounds. In 1999 Beth and Brandon started cohabiting, they made the decision to start living with each other prior to getting married. Thy decided to live together about 2 years before actually getting married. There are more couples making the decision to live together and it is more of an acceptable practice. In this photo is a Beth and Brandon on their wedding day, during their first dance as a married couple, after knowing each other for 5 years and living together for 2

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