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  • Present Moment Speech

    eternal suffering and guide us toward a meaningful existence. The most crucial step towards enlightenment is explained by right mindfulness; remember to come back to the present moment. While we focus on paying attention to the ideas that keep us in the present moment, it is also important that we be mindful of the things we say and the how we listen to one another. Right speech highlights the importance…

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  • Kierkegaard's Prophetic Analysis Of The Present Age

    Kierkegaard uses the parable of the jewel, to illustrate the difference in thought in the passionate and reflective ages. In the following essay, I will explore the difference between the two ages to gain a deeper understanding of Kierkegaard’s sentiments behind the example, before explaining the parable and showing how his prophetic analysis is truer than ever. Kierkegaard begins the The Present Age by stating that the present age is “one of understanding and reflection, without passion,…

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  • Present Day Racism: A Short Story

    As I take a seat in my first class for the day, I am reminded that I am an alien to the white bodies that surround me. I feel as if it is not only my physical appearance that separates me from my classmates, but the internal pieces that characterize my entire being. I seat myself as far away from my classmates as possible and prepare for the class ahead. Somewhere between discussions about slavery and colonialism, we begin to discuss present day racism. Being the only person of color in my white…

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  • Past And Present In Lincoln's The Gettysburg Address

    various things about the speech that make it so memorable, however, one of the most important parts of the speech is the unity of past and present. Lincoln makes it a point to talk about the past specifically in the first line he states that 87 years ago a new nation was founded and that now is the time to see whether or not this nation can truly endure. This is a powerful beginning and helps to set the tone of his address. It is important to understand the background of the address in order to…

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  • Taylor And Foucault's Connection Between The Past And Present

    to the events that took part in the past years. This means that it should never be separated in terms of durations of discontinuities, but it should rather form part of the existence. Unlike Foucault who associates history with the past, Taylor develops a correlation between the past and the present by making history to look like the determinant of the present. By describing history as a part of the present, the author develops a clear understanding of how history is the formal record of the…

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  • The Struggle Between Past And Present In 'A Rose For Emily'

    William Falkner’s “A Rose for Emily” presents a wide-angled view of Miss Emily Grierson’s life by presenting the story through the perspective of the townspeople as a whole. Through this portrayal of the story, it is obvious that Miss Emily doesn’t cope well with change; instead she fights to hold onto her old way of life. Holding onto the past, Miss Emily refused to adopt modern amenities such as the free postal delivery, and failed to become the southern aristocrat everyone expected her to be.…

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  • My Understanding Of History: The Past, Present, And Future

    mother would tell me about her grandparents, and how they came to America. From Ireland my ancestors were taken hostage and brought to America as indentured servants. While from Italy my ancestors came to America as refugees, fleeing the Sicilian mafia. To me it is important to understand and acknowledge my grandparents and our ancestors, because every breather I take is because of them. Knowing their world helps me to know mine. That is what history is to me. History is understanding that the…

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  • Net Present Value Essay

    Net present value (NPV) The net present value method is the delegate of a discounted cash flow method and the dynamic investment appraisal (Rudolf, 2008). It stand for the value increase to the business by the investment or the project ("Why Net Present Value Leads to Better Investment Decisions than Other Criteria", n.d.). It is evaluation is an effective method of economic evaluation of investments. (Erményi, n.d.). This measure demonstrate the difference between the costs and the benefits…

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  • Net Present Value Analysis

    Introduction The need for relevant information and analysis of capital budgeting alternatives has inspired the evolution of a series of models to assist firms in making the "best" allocation of resources. Capital budgeting is determining how much “the firm pay to finance its operations using debt and equity sources?” (Coo, 2024, p. 373). It helps the company decide which projects will be profitable and when a return can be expected. Adjusted Present Value (APV) and Net Present Value (NPV) Net…

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  • The Formula Of Net Present Value: Discounted Cash Flows

    Since money has time value in every economy, so evaluating cash flows which were generated from some periods requires a procedure. The discounted cash flow provides a rational technique to calculate a present value which might help in adjusting the future cash flows to depict the fact that money planned to receive in future features lesser worth than what is being received at present. Its analysis involves the use of future free cash flow and discounts them to find the present value, which is…

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