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  • Relationship Between Power And Corruption

    Before coming in power, individual make great claims to do work for the benefit of the people but once such power greedy individual gain power, they tend to forget all of their promises. It seems that they never made any promise to do good for the people. Military rulers in Pakistan are a clear example of how individuals become hypocrite because of power. In Pakistan there have been several military rulers who after taking over the power from civilian government promised to have election within ninety days. However, none of them actually organized election within the given time frame. Ayub Khan ruled for eleven years, Yahya Khan stayed for two years, Zia-ul-Haq headed the country for eleven years and Pervez Musharraf for nine years. These military rulers dismissed democratically elected governments and were supposed to help stabilize the conditions of the country which they did not. The power they acquired as a consequence of the Martial Law, made them forget what their initial purpose must have been. Instead of steering Pakistan towards stability, they became obsessed with their power, and chose to ignore the real purpose of their power. This hypocritical behavior of these men led to the corruption that took place during their respective regimes. Hence, by acquiring power, the hypocritical attributes are inculcated in the powerful that result in the corruption that…

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  • The Culture Of Pakistan Essay

    Pakistan and its Culture: Pakistan is a country that is located in South Asia and is a relatively new country. Although Pakistan has only been a country since 1947, the history in the area goes back thousands of years. A lot of the culture in Pakistan has been based off that history, and has some diversity due to that history. Understanding the culture of a country helps the military associate with the people in that country and builds good public relations. Political and Military: Pakistan’s…

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  • The Importance Of Corruption In Pakistan

    What baggage does the current administration in Pakistan carry? Have they ever been accused of being corrupt? Any scandals? What effect does that baggage have on the people? How do the media influence/expose corruption? How free is the media to expose corruption? From the time that Pakistan was created there have been many corrupt leaders, such as the previous President Asif Ali Zardari, however the current President Mamnoon Hussain is not corrupt. According to, "Mamnoon Hussain…

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  • Global Warming Essay

    rainfall on the hills. Karachi has little and very few days of rain. Studies are starting to show that Global warming is starting to become a big factor in Pakistan with all of the warmer winter months, makes the glacial melt and there is a small drop in temperature during the summer…

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  • Pakistan War Assignment

    threat of India that led Pakistani leaders to take military assistance from US army. Since the inception of Pakistan, the economic and political ties observed between the two countries. Also in 1950, instead Liaqat Ali Khan would visit Moscow is turned down and choose to visit the United States. Since then Pakistan has played the role of a close ally of the US. The military assistance of about $508 million given to Pakistan by the US. Pakistani military at this time was lucky to maintain…

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  • Benair Bhutto Gender Roles

    dealing with both challenges and opportunities. For a successful woman, the strategies she has developed and her style will inevitably be shaped and influenced by her society 's definition and expectation of gender. Benair Bhutto was born on June 21, 1953 in Karachi, Pakistan. She came from a prominent political family. At the age of 16 she left her homeland to study at…

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  • Cultural Impact Of Decolonization

    they opposed because they were afraid that the Hindus were trying to take over their freedom and way of life. India then split into India for the Hindus and Pakistan for the Muslims. The Muslim League leader was Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Pollard et al, 2015). He disliked the idea of every other religion besides his own, especially Hinduism. He did not want the Muslims to become slaves of Hindus. Since religion was pretty scattered across India, Jinnah wanted a separation of the country in order for…

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  • Cia's Argument Against The Fairness Of Drones In Pakistan

    because the people on the armed conflict territories risk their lives so it is unfair to them. Additionally, more developed countries have more choice of weapons, which may be also much more advanced than the weapons available, for example in Pakistan. Pakistan is poorer country than the U.S. so their means to defend themselves are weaker comparing to the means of the attackers with hundreds of drones loaded with the newest technology and sensors available all around the world. It is also…

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  • Jamiat Ulama I Islam Case Study

    activity in 1867 when this Madrasa was established but actually it was formed in 1945 when members like Shabir Ahmad Usmani broke from the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind to support All India Muslim League by joining the Pakistan cause in the Indian subcontinent. Its first president was Allama Shabir Ahmed Usmani. Now it is an Assembly of Islamic Clergy and religious political block in Pakistan. But, due to differences on policy matters JUI split into two bolcks (Mawlana Hazarvi & Mufti Mahmood)…

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  • Separation Of East Pakistan Case Study

    creation of Pakistan the Constitute assembly was established under the Indian independence act and was given a machinery by British government for transferring power to Pakistan, built up the constitution, East Pakistanis was equally featured as west Pakistanis in this assembly. Communal discrimination was experienced by East Pakistan so they considered themselves as more pro Pakistan as compare to West Pakistan. This can be a reason that Pakistan went out of her way to elect from her selected…

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