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  • The Importance Of Entreprenehipial Education In Nigeria

    intention (Lee, Chang & Lim, 2005; Lourenço, Jones, & Jayawarna, 2015) while to some entrepreneurial education has no influence on students’ intention to choose an entrepreneurial path (St-Jean & Mathieu, 2015; Maina, 2011). Nigeria like any other developing countries embraced entrepreneurial education mandated it in higher education curriculum and has been made a compulsory course of study in all fields of education. This step taken by Nigerian federal government to reduce or eradicate the high unemployment rate plunging the country has similar objectives with…

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  • Female Genital Motimilation Paper

    examples are early neonatal deaths and perinatal deaths (fresh stillbirths) associated with FGM (Lawani et al., 2014, p. 128). Although FGM and the medicalization of FGM by doctors have been strongly discouraged by WHO, studies in Nigeria have shown that medical doctors conduct 34.5% of FGM procedures (Lawani et al., 2014, p. 128). The medicalization of the practice by doctors has added to the continuation of FGM therefore preventing the reduction of the prevalence and elimination of…

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  • The Boko Haram: The Islamic System Of Education

    Background on Boko Haram The Boko Haram is a terrorist organization whose belief is that the western way of education is a sin. By virtue of this, all of the thirty six states in Nigeria have to shun this ‘sin’, this western education and embrace the Islamic system of education. The Islamic system of education is in such a way that a child is brought up to learn and memorize the entire Quran in Arabic (not their native language), while also learning a few mainstream courses on the side. Now, the…

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  • Read At The Federal Republic Of Nigeria Case Study

    INDEPTH LOOK AT THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA The Federal Republic of Nigeria is a land of rich history and cultural marvels. The nation’s boarders date back to 1914, when British rulers combined both northern and southern Nigeria to form one body. Independence from British influence came on October 1, 1960, in 1963 Nigeria adopted a republican constitution, and yet remained a member of the Commonwealth. In 1976, the nation’s capitol moved from its previous location in Lagos to its…

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  • Effects Of Oil Crisis In Nigeria

    President Buhari previously ruled Nigeria from 1983 to 1985 after his role as one of the major military leaders in the coup to overthrow the democratically elected president, Shehu Shagari. Buhari argued the coup was justified due to corruption in the government and the economic decline of the country after the oil boom of the 1970s. When oil prices began to fall under Buhari’s rule, he ignored advice to allow the naira to depreciate and refused financial assistance from the IMF. Buhari was…

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  • Essay On Grand Corruption In Nigeria

    The phenomenon of corruption is as old as human history; and it can well be argued that the problem of grand corruption in Nigeria did not attain its all-pervasive status during the colonial era. According to Tignor, ‘concerns about corruption were seen as one of the reasons colonial rule was needed as it provided good government in place of oppression and chaos’. On the contrary, Osoba argues that the British colonial administration laid the foundation of what metamorphosed today as endemic…

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  • The Igbo Culture

    to rise above all other ethnic groups and thrive in early Nigeria. Such achievement was frowned upon by other ethnic groups and invoked hostility between them. The Biafran War, (a result of this hostility) ultimately led to Nigeria’s decline, forever changing its legacy. How does Achebe’s perspective influence his view of Nigeria? Chinua Achebe grew up as an Igbo who supported the Biafrans in the Biafran civil war. While the Nigerian Government and the OAU (Organization of African Unity)…

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  • Money Laundering: The Role Of Terrorism In The United States

    Country Profile Information: History of terrorism There are many factors that led to the birth of terrorism in Nigeria. One of the major causes is corruption in a weak political economy. The government is unorganized and dysfunctional, they employ their citizens with low paying wages, refuse public services and pay, political leaders abusing their power for personal gain, corruption in the police and military departments, and lack of education and schools (Oladele, 2013). Police officers…

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  • Analysis: Selective Prosecution: Mr Sanusi

    Sanusi are the real McCoy. Therefore, clap for yourselves. And now, let us condemn president Buhari collectively. His policy-goal to single Jonathan out for prosecution makes no sense in Naira and kobo. It is low-politics and lowlife For your information, Sanusi was onetime ace of Central Bank of Nigeria. It is true that two worngs cant make a right. And rightly so, Jonathan was wrong to have done selective probe on Sanusi. And more so, the Devil is in the deatails in Mr Buhari's intention to…

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  • Poverty In West Africa

    season, the subhuman zone has 1250 mm to 1500 mm of rain. Including two parts, the humid zone has lots of rainfall. Part one obtains 1500 mm to 1800 mm of rain per year. Part two possesses 1500 mm to 2000 mm of rain per year. The president of Nigeria is Muhammadu Buhari. The government is a federal republic, a federal state that contains a written law for independent groups to govern. The U.S. Congress has the same principles as West Africa 's National Assembly, which does law making. Before a…

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