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    Introduction The book of Revelation, referred to by many other names, the Apocalypse of John, Revelation to John, or simply Revelation is final book of the New Testament. Moreover, Revelation crosses three literary genres including epistolary, apocalyptic, and prophetic. Due in part to the variety of Revelation, it should come as no surprise that there are a multitude of different views on the interpretation of Revelation. This paper will focus primarily on four of the main viewpoints, Preterist, Historicist, Futurist, and Idealist/Spiritualist. It is using hermeneutics, that each individual view tries to interpret Revelation. While the preterist and historicist views may seem similar in some ways, primarily both view Revelation as historical symbolism. The view of the preterist is that Revelation is a symbolic representation of events which occurred during the first century, while on the other hand, the historicist approach is that they are a representation of Western church history. The futurist interprets Revelation literally and presumes that the events are yet to occur. Finally, the idealist/spiritualist point of view is that Revelation should be viewed allegorically. This paper will seek to discuss and outline these different views expressed throughout Christendom. Preterist View The first view to be examined is that of the preterist view, which derives from the belief that the book of Revelation was fulfilled or pertained to events which took place in the first…

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    these different erroneous teachings. One teaching that has plagued the Lord’s church as of late is that of “Realized Eschatology”. This radical approach to interpreting Biblical prophecy has caused a number of Christians to stray from the faith. Members of the church should educate themselves in error like this so as to resist falling prey to it and be able refute it properly. Before looking at the various aspects of the doctrine of “Realized Eschatology”, it is helpful to understand the origin…

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    bringing some sort of doom to the earth. One being an army that wipes out 1/3 of the human population. Seven figures then arrive. Some of these figures are the dragon and beast with the seven heads and ten horns. Those figures represent the Anti-Christ and Satan. Then seven bowls appear and each one pours another plague onto the Earth. After a number of other stuff happens Satan, and the Anti-Christ are thrown into a lake of fire. Then Satan, the Anti-Christ, and all the non-believers are…

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