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  • Fitbit Tracker

    According to the research that firm Endeavor Partners has made, about a third of all fitness trackers are abandoned after six months of use, and this number increases (Endeavor Partners, 2014) after that period of time. This can be a direct result of the data collected from the previous question where most of the participants were physically active people. Table 5-25 shows a comparison between players who have used a Fitbit tracker over 6 months and those who were newer in using the device. Overall, players with longer time using a Fitbit tracker reported a better experience and willingness to keep using the app than those who were newbies using the tracker. Also, the first group showed to be more active. Table 5-26 shows a comparison between genders. Overall, females had a greater tendency to keep using the app and sharing it with other friends, while in the other hand, males had a better overall experience and reflected a change in their behaviors and physical activities. 5.3 Yahoo Flurry and…

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  • Student Response Cards Essay

    Teacher uses resource materials, student texts, workbooks. The class begins with a brief review of the previous lesson (5 min) about the letters in English, lecture on the new topic (20 min), question and answer period (10 min), and independent practice (5 min). During baseline conditions, team 1 would raise their hand to volunteer for responding to questions asked by the teacher during the 15-minute question and answer period. I would record off-task behaviors by placing a check mark on the…

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  • Analysis Of Discourse And Social Change By Norman Fairclough

    be explained. Criticism related to Fairclough’s CDA Some criticisms are existing regarding the three diamenttional framework introduced by Fairclough (Lawson 2008). In which one of the main arguments is the considerable overlap among those three dimensions, that means any analysis level of text involve some discourse and vice-versa (Lawson 2008). Therefore, Fairclough agreed the designation of analytical topics as one or the other in his approach is rather vague (Faircough 1992). Widdowson’s…

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  • Reflection On Observation Of Bilingual Class

    I observed a well-designed math lesson from Mrs. Myers bilingual class. Before starting her lesson she did a review from the previous day. She started by discussing the number talk and asked the students what they remembered from the previous lesson. As a class, they all reviewed together. Mrs. Myers wrote the number 6 on the easel and represented the number with unifix cubes. She is teaching her students how to learn the number combinations that add up to 6. 0 For example, Mrs. Myers said if I…

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  • Critical Incident Analysis: Placement Interview

    The seen question was about values and ethics in accordance with the Social Work Professional Capabilities Framework. I was surprised due to expecting typical interview-like questions, yet undeterred because first placement had been a massive learning curve. With so many relevant scenarios fitting this domain, I debated over the best example, before finally settled on a particular poignant event from previous practice. For the next task applicants were split up; my allocated group were to…

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  • Free Writing Exercise Analysis

    The goal of free writing is to help students record their observations and make connections through their own writing. Free writing exercises can be setup at the beginning and/or end of class. Writing at the beginning of class helps students recollect information shared in the previous class, while writing at the end of class helps students remember the information discussed during class and ways they can restructure the information to put in in their own words (Foulk 6). To further enforce the…

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  • Home Diagnostic Testing Essay

    participants exposed to hospital diagnostic tests. H4: The more positive attitude towards the hospital diagnostic tests vs. the home diagnostic tests just shown, will be more pronounced when the disease is more serious than when the disease is less serious. H5: The higher likelihood of initiating discussion with the doctor against referral to a hospital test and anticipating a positive reaction from the doctor to initiating discussion after exposed to home diagnostic tests vs. hospital…

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  • Why Do Teachers Wait Time?

    time between the teacher’s question asked and the response of the student. Wait time is important because some students may not understand the question therefore, the teacher may not get the best responses from students. Research says that normally teachers only wait one second before student’s response. The amount a time a teacher should wait is between three to five seconds. Research has been proven that when teachers wait three to five seconds, there is a change in student’s responses. One of…

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  • Anna R Morrison Social Media Reflection

    Mr. Michael Gavarrete and his group had given a presentation prior to Mr. Kyle’s group and asked a very specific question to the audience that evoked a thoughtful evaluation of oneself regarding their use of social media. When it came time for questions for this new group, Mr. Michael asked a question specifically to Mr. Kyle and it was the exact same question he asked earlier to the entire class. The majority of Kyle’s presentation he presented opinion and not fact. To make sure he understood…

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  • Consequences Of Bullying In A Company (HRP)

    are not at risk. The core questions that are being asked is that, is there any trust between the HRP-management and employee? As without trust, the organization will suffer in terms of its performance. Also, how the HRP is dealing with the bullying complaints as in the beginning employees are told that an investigation will be instigated of any bullying complaints. (Salin, 2008; Rayner and Lewis, 2011, p395) The author thinks this may be an interest to people as everyone as bullying is such a…

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