Crisis Center Reflection

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• This week at the Crisis Center was a bit uneventful compared to the previous weeks since I have started. I participated in a Residential Emergency Shelter Check In on Thursday, September 15th with a client who had not had any previous contact with the agency. The client, Amy*, had recently been in abusive situation with her boyfriend and was seeking out a safe place to stay. The client completed the intake with a volunteer over the phone and was approved for shelter by an approval staff member. The client arrived at the shelter later that day. Upon her arrival, I asked if she had needed to use the restroom or have something to eat. She explained that she was very hungry, so I introduced her to the clients making dinner and told her …show more content…
This client I would identify as a problematic client because of her actions during the check in and for the reasons she was exited from the shelter. I have previously taken a workshop on problematic clients. In this workshop, I learned about the different problematic characteristic the client could have, if the client has a mental illness that is creating these observations, and how to work with or provide treatment for this type of client. I was able to put this knowledge into action when I was doing the check in paperwork with Amy*. It was helpful to have this knowledge to back up my actions, because without it I may have been unsure of what to do. When being asked personal questions continuously, some may freeze up or even give into the client’s questioning. Thanks to the workshop, I was able to politely enforce that I would not answer any questions about my personal life that the client may have. The client understood this and we were able to continue with the check in without any issues. The knowledge I acquired from the workshop, allowed me to work with this client in an effective matter and give her the services she deserved. This experience was my first with a client that is problematic. I was appreciative of experiencing this situation so early on in my internship because it will prepare me to work with future clients, such as Amy* and the issues she presented.
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There have been challenges so far, but I believe they have made me stronger and more confident in the work that I am doing or will do. I am very eager to begin having more interaction with clients now that I have completed the hotline portion of my internship. My supervisor, Tonya, has explained that she thinks I am ready to start doing more forty-eight hour interviews and holding group sessions. I believe that these situations will give me the confidence for similar future experiences. During my time at the agency thus far, I have noticed that a lot of emphasis is placed on the care and assistance of the women in the shelter. Children that are not school aged are in the shelter twenty-four seven without much to keep them occupied except for playroom and the bedroom they share with other clients. I have begun thinking that maybe it would be beneficial to the children to have their own type of group. The ideas I have come up with for this group are that each session can have an educational and an entertainment portions. This could occur during the adult group session or at another time to give the children two breaks in their routine day. By holding this group, the children would have something to look forward, but they would also be experiencing different activities and learning

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