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  • Homeless Shelter Analysis

    “Nowhere in the United States can someone who works 40 hours a week at minimum wage afford a one bedroom apartment at fair market rent”, consequently a myriad of our population is vulnerable to being homeless, approximately 643,067 a night ( Homelessness is a complicated problem engendered by a variety of obstacles in a person’s life. Therefore, ending up on the streets can be easier than obtaining and/or maintaining a stable sheltered life. Those who become homeless need help to get back on their feet. Within our community, the Athens Area Homeless Shelter is an agency that provides transitional services for the homeless like: case management, job training, rehousing, financial assistance, financial education, counseling, etc.…

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  • San Marcos Homeless Shelter Reflection

    I had never had a conversation with them. Nor did I truly know what went on in their daily lives. This is why my trip to the San Marcos homeless shelter was a bit of a shock to me. For my sophomore English summer project, we were required to attend the San Marcos homeless shelter and volunteer for a set amount of time. I didn’t really know what to expect as I had never been to one and I wanted the experience. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by multiple other volunteers who were setting up for…

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  • Animal Shelter Observation

    are taken to a shelter to give up for adoption, that’s where my curiosity started and I wanted to investigate more about it . An Animal Shelter can also be known as a pound, regardless that’s where a lot of animals whether they are hurt or not are taken care of. When I think about Animal Shelter I think of that commercial on t.v that puts sad music and seeing all the animals sad and neglected by everyone. Stepping into an Animal Shelter can be very heart breaking. The first thing you can hear…

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  • Persuasive Animal Shelter

    Each year 2.7 million animals are put down in shelters, because nobody adopts them or they have something wrong with them that the shelter can't afford. Have you ever gone with the "adopt don't shop" method? There are many benefits when it comes to adopting an animal from the shelter. More than likely, if you get a puppy from a pet store they are from a puppy mill. Which is a dog farm that breeds dogs constantly. That is why I believe that you should adopt animals from shelters, and not purchase…

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  • Essay On Homeless Shelters

    In a world where there are a number of tragedies and issues that are likely to take precedence, there is an issue that is right in front of a lot of our faces but a lot of us tend to ignore or shove to the side. You see it whenever you go to a supermarket, people sitting with cardboard signs that say they will work for food or shelter. Some people do help them but a lot just look right through them and take their route home. With overflowing shelters, deaths in the streets and a general…

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  • Bakersfield Homeless Shelter

    The concept of a social problem is a condition, event, or situation that constitutes as troublesome that needs to be changed. A social problem is not considered to be a social problem unless it is seen as a violating or threatening the fundamentals of society. They span the entire spectrum of the population: white, black, Indian, and Hispanic men, women, and children. No race is exempt; homelessness is an equal opportunity social issue. At the Bakersfield homeless shelter, I worked in the…

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  • Homeless Shelters: The Issue Of Homelessness

    people in Detroit Michigan , 25% of those homeless people are children,13% are veterans, about 60% are families with children and almost half are mentally ill. In the homeless shelter there are about 1,900 beds in the shelter. More than half of the homeless people are children, 69% of homeless people in Michigan families are single mothers with children.There shouldn’t be any people living on the streets.All the homeless people,mainly live downtown Detroit under the bridge. Money is…

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  • Over Crowding In Animal Shelters

    A great variation of studies have been conducted to show the rise if unadopted animals, and over- crowding in animal shelters. One author writes about how despite the workers best intentions most animals do not get adopted Turner, Berry, and MacDonald (2012). However, Fournier (2004) suggest animals show human like behaviors and with training humans will be more likely to adopt sheltered animals. Therefor, preventing a further surplus in unadopted animals. Belpedio (2010) shows studies how…

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  • AWSOM Animal Shelter Reflection Paper

    Community Service at AWSOM Animal Shelter Volunteering at an animal shelter can get messy fast. Between muddy paws, spilled food, and stray animals, there is always something to do. Over the summer I was able to give my time to the AWSOM animal shelter and help homeless animals. I learned a lot about AWSOM’s history and how it came to be. Also, I was able to experience and help with a multitude of activities and see firsthand how many unwanted pets there truly are. Throughout my time…

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  • Argumentative Essay About Family Homelessness Shelters

    Family Homelessness Shelters On a daily basis we see the homeless men and women on the street. After all they are easy to spot, because they are wearing dirty or oversized clothing, and pushing shopping carts filled with their belongings. It might sound strange, but I was thankful for this stereo-type six years ago, because that way when people looked at my son and me, they didn’t know our secret…we were homeless. In 2010, the economy was in crisis, and with every crisis there are victims. …

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