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  • A Literary Analysis Of The Necklace By Mme Loisel

    her husband took out loans, cut corners and let their house keeper go all in an effort to replace the “expensive” piece. They accomplished buying another extravagantly priced necklace resembling the one that was lost but in doing so Mme Loisel began to learn what true suffering was like. She had to work for the next ten years slaving away to pay back the money from the loans, sacrificing all the comforts she before took for granite. Her hard life took a tool on her beauty and youthfulness. She now looked so hangered even her rich friend she borrowed the necklace from didn’t even recognize her on the street. Mme. Loisel decided to tell her rich friend what had happened and with a sickening twist of fate in lies the moral of the story, things are not always as they seem. Her friend explains that the necklace was not even real jewels and by Mme. Loisel assuming that just because her friend had money everything she had was of the greatest of…

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  • Personal Statement: What Drives You To Make A Difference In Life

    have in the future due to your drive? My drive to bring change into the world is fueled by the simple hunger for change I see every single day. I have aspired to pursue a career rooted in the service of others as a nurse practitioner specializing in delivery and midwifery. I hope to serve parts of the world that have been previously ignored. Through my experiences, especially my service work, it has become apparent to me that there is an immense need for change. That said, I believe humanity…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career In The Medical Field

    We were studying habitats and the environment, so it was fitting that we study face to face with trees and a river. It 's funny because I walk outside all the time and I never noticed certain things about the trees. He was showing us how each individual leaf had its own veins and how the veins collected water from the tree. It was a fascinating experience because I gained a better appreciation for the simple things not only when it comes to nature, but also life as a whole. This was the moment…

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  • Reflective Essay: What Makes Up A Team?

    little confused and wanted to know more about my personality. Now that I know what they all mean, I can see how I 'm am portrayed for every description. I never realized it until I was match with it, I guess you learn something new every day. Now that I know that I reflect in all these categories, I try to utilize them in my everyday life. With the knowledge that I have received, it determines how I will go through every large decision I have to make in life. I am grateful for many different…

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  • Bosnian Genocide: A Simple Thing In History

    Jenga tower. Events stack on top of each other creating a less stable structure until it collapses in on itself, or war breaks out. The Bosnian genocide seems very simple on the surface. In fact, genocide is a rare simple thing in history, a group of people want to eliminate another group of people because the second group is perceived as a threat. The justification and the buildup is a bit more complicated. After all, people perceive each other as threats all the time, so why do we only have a…

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  • College Essay About Being Strong

    Being strong is something many people have told me in my life , primarily saying that it is the thing to do for especially becoming a man. But there were some things I have never put through my mind until it was a little later in my lifespan. Learning many attributes may be considered some of the simple things that I should have known in life, to changing who I am and what I appeared as, to becoming who I am today. Learning new things is very important from a young age because it is best when…

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  • My Family Interview Essay

    One thing I am sure of is that my way of deciding to be nonreligious was a much different process than others. My father went to private, religious, boarding schools his whole life. As well as attending church regularly and multiple times week. If I ever had a question about religion, he was the man to go to. He was an expert in my eyes. That is why it in intriguing that he was also the person to convince me to not believe in religion. When I asked about him breaking away from religion and his…

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  • When I Am A Photo Analysis

    Without art and beauty of the human being the picture wouldn’t be as inspirational. I personally think that art makes everything more beautiful, especially how the sound of the waves and the symbolic means of the harp create music. It’s the simple things in life that are more meaningful and enjoyable. The creativity shown in just a simple coastal landscape photograph and a little animated cartoon proving hard work pays off is extremely important to me. After analyzing these media, I realize I…

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  • Comparing Mccandless And Thoreau Essay

    Everyone has a unique way of expressing themselves, and sometimes it’s hard to find someone that has the same beliefs as us. Chris Mccandless wanted to be away from society, where he was able to find peace within himself. The thought of doing the same thing over and over again was just not for him. A person who was very similar to Mccandless was Henry David Thoreau. They both shared similar values, had different results of their actions, and had a few things that they both could’ve learned…

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  • Walden Transcendentalism

    simplicities of life, this quote explains Thoreau’s thoughts “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” This is a quote from the chapter Where I lived and What I Lived For. I personally think that this quote not only summarizes the trip but also teaches a great lesson for every generation to follow. This quote is essentially…

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