When I Am A Photo Analysis

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I am a girl. I am a girl that came to another country for school. I am a girl that is constantly thinking and wanting to explore the Earth. I am a girl that is not willing to give up on her dreams. I am creative and smart. I have good and bad qualities. I am human. I chose two types of media to show these “I am characteristics” and that I believe represent me in a positive way.
I chose a photograph of a woman sculpture carved onto a rock on a coast. For choosing my image, I started off by researching images on the internet that were motivational and inspirational. However, most of the images that appeared were inspirational quotes or biblical verses. I eventually found some landscape photographs and I picked this I first was drawn to it
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The color and the beauty of the waves crashing against the shore would still convey that landscape beauty. The photograph just wouldn’t be as questionable and intriguing as it is now. I wouldn’t change anything; I love the photograph the way it is. It’s clear, beautiful, intrigues me and makes me think. I paddleboard, swim and love music, so the photograph represents me well. I also, have sparked an interest in photography recently, especially photography nature and landscapes. I express creativity and the photograph makes me wonder which is what I love doing in my life.
The video I chose is created by a person on YouTube; a guy took certain clips from the animated move Monsters University and combined it with blank slides of text. The fifty second video gives a motivational message on how to succeed with subtle background noise. The messages throughput the video are work hard, get good grades, study hard, practice and you’ll succeed. I not only chose the video because of the motivational message but, also, because Monsters Inc. is one of my all-time favourite animated
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Without art and beauty of the human being the picture wouldn’t be as inspirational. I personally think that art makes everything more beautiful, especially how the sound of the waves and the symbolic means of the harp create music. It’s the simple things in life that are more meaningful and enjoyable.
The creativity shown in just a simple coastal landscape photograph and a little animated cartoon proving hard work pays off is extremely important to me. After analyzing these media, I realize I am a girl that won’t give up on her dreams. I am girl that loves art and love the oceans never will stop loving it. I come to the conclusion that I have to be grateful for the little things and breathe in each moment of life. Nothing comes easy, but, I have to tell myself even though I get a bad grade or hateful comment by someone, I cent let that stop me from following my

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