The Representation Of Individuality In John Mond's Literature

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Art reveals how an artist felt or interpreted an event during their time. Somewhat like how John reads Shakespeare, John is reflecting on Shakespeare’s feelings and perceives it in his own way. Also the fact that Mond constantly tries to crush art shows that art is a representation of individuality, going directly against his utopian beliefs. Mond specifically tries to rid the utopia of individuality which is revealed and attributed to art. Art is a blank canvas for those with creativity and individuality. John’s reading of Shakespeare reveals that the artist is also given the power to sway those with new opinions. Many of John’s moving features toward individuality stem from Shakespeare’s books. In order for something to be art, it must …show more content…
Applying this to real life, people become inspired after looking or reading something that creates wonder and awe. In the same way John reacted to Shakespeare, people become inspired to act and do something with their life that will be meaningful. Beauty directly correlates with imagination, in that it influences our own perceptions of beauty. Through valued art, society is revealed how beauty should be represented. Whether or not the artist had intended to have a specific effect on the public is irrelevant, many times art does have an effect on people’s perceptions positive or negative. Imagination is what gives art life metaphorically. If something is not imaginative at an artistic standpoint, it has no influence over people. Consider if Shakespeare was not imaginative, his writings would not have been as valued as they are today. Art should have a limit on whether or not it should have a political or social function. In the world today, art could be interpreted very negatively and have a bad effect on society. As an example, John Lennon’s shooter allegedly was inspired to commit crimes from the novel, The Catcher in The Rye. Again, there must be limitations specifically when talking about how much of an influence art should hold over us. Art does not require a spiritual component. Because art is very individualistic, it is meant for everyone to have an input on their own thoughts of art. Though God could be considered for one’s expression of art, it is not necessarily required. To be more specific, God is often attributed with inspiring people to make

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