Essay On Absolute Freedom In Art

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Freedom is having the right to act, speak, or think as one wants, and having absolute freedom in creating art pieces mean that no one or no authority can censor it. Usually, authorities such as the government tend to censor art pieces at which they deem unfit and unsuitable for the public audience. The act of censoring is unfair for the artists, as it may mean that they do not have the freedom of expression through art, defeating the purpose of the artwork due to the removal of the main items of the art piece. Some artworks may even be censored either partially or totally although the artist did not have the intention to send whichever inappropriate message the authority has inferred from the art piece. However, sometimes authorities do have to censor, which some adults may disapprove of. No matter the reasons of censor, artists must be given absolute freedom in creating their works so that they get to articulate their thoughts and ideas.

Firstly, art is a form of expression. Art serves as a platform for artists to communicate with the
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By having absolute freedom, they will be able to do whatever they like, without having to worry about censorship destroying the purpose of their artwork and stopping them from expressing themselves clearly. Although having absolute freedom may mean that some people will get offended due to the different messages the artwork carry, people always still have a choice to look or not to look at a certain artpiece, as each artist will always have his or her own target audience to reach out to. Therefore, artists must be given the absolute freedom in creating their works, and not have authorities that will censor any part of their

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