Gladiator Film Analysis

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Artistic expressions, such as film, have the capacity to influence the perception of both our past and present. Mass media has been constantly validating how powerful ideas are. There is just a great amount of authority gained just by having something presented in the channels of media. All that it takes is a powerful production. The art form of illustration and film is effective in three things. Through it, a better perspective of the past is gained. It influences the values of the present and shapes the future as a result. The movie Gladiator is a great example of how these three things were achieved.

The Roman Empire is a subject of great interest both for historians and filmmakers. Through Gladiator, history comes to life. The great amount
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Love, respect, honor, courage and bravery are some of the values highlighted among the characters. From the visual portrayal of the past to the themes presented in the different sections of the film, a better perspective of the past is gained. Although the movie Gladiator should not be taken as an accurate chronological record in the Roman times, it has served a great purpose into making the past live through the present.

The film revolves around universal values. Among the many values presented in this film is the love for family. Maximus’ story is rooted in his deep love for his wife and his son. He sees death as a union with his lost loved ones.

Next to love for the family is honor. Maximus is a masculine archetype. He is strong, dedicated and decisive. His life devoted to his country, his god and his family. Honor, courage, and bravery come natural to him. He will not go for the easy route if it taints his honor, even to the point of death. He will go for the easy path. Although not bent on violence, he will fight a war to protect the ones he loves.

These values were already strong enough to stir a reaction among the viewers. They are core values observed around the world. Here, we see the power of moving pictures. What words express is taken up a notch with great visual effects and
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Mass Media has gained a certain status for authority. People will continuously hope that truth is present on television and other media. Today, if you want something to be taken seriously, take a historical person’s photo, add a text that expresses what you want to say, and post it on social media. Most of the time, you will see a stream of people believing what you’ve just posted.

Anything presented on the screen has the potential to shape the thoughts of the viewers. With the rise of the World Wide Web, any idea can be embraced by millions in just minutes. It takes a powerful presentation and a persuasive content.

Artistic expressions touch the core of human interest. Colors, movements and symbols have their way of touching the mind, sometimes stronger than reason and

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