Bibliosophy Of Art Essay


The purpose of this paper is to state the definitions and establish my opinions on the following topics: PCC’s definition of art, the bibliosophy of art, and Dr. Francis Schaeffer’s criteria for art. These topics can useful to not only artists, but for anyone critiquing art. They also can serve as guidelines or standards for an artist when creating a work of art. Art should not be arbitrary as it influences the cultures and societies around us.

PCC’s Definition of Art

The first standard discussed in class was Pensacola Christian College’s definition of art. This definition states that “art is the organized visual expression of ideas or feelings”. The statement reflects God’s personality as an artist with its emphasis on the word
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It states that we need to be diligent in creating excellent in our art. I agree with this because we all should be always ready to learn and create better art. If we don’t work at improving our craft, it will never get better and we will be stuck in the same place and never know what we might have accomplished.

Dr. Francis Schaeffer’s Criteria for Art

Dr. Francis Schaffer’s criteria for art contains two main points and two sub-points that are the following: technical and message, and minor and major themes. These criteria can be used to critique works of art or an artist as a whole.

The first point is the technical which is characterized as being “intrinsically neutral” meaning that the elements relating to this have no moral standard to judge them by. They are elements such as color theory, composition, proportion, draftsmanship, use of design principles, etc. This criteria critiques how well the artist has mastered the media he or she has chosen.

The second point is the message. The message is measured by a moral standard. All art communicates a message to its viewers, and that this message communicates a particular worldview. We need to concern ourselves which worldview a work of art is portraying, whether it is a biblical or secular world view. We also need to get a proper perspective of an artist’s world view by looking at the bulk of their

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