Art Is Art Essay

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Everyone has their own definition of art. It is hard to give a really specific definition to art. As an individual person, we all have our own opinion about art. Therefore, in this paper, I am going to discuss what is art and what is not art, how are different arts be meaningful and useful in my own life or career and what makes art objects meaningful to us. And how can we decide an artwork is meaningful or not then why does art matter. First of all, what is art and what is not art? It is always hard to define art because different people has the different idea about art. According to the article, “The ARTS and the CREATION of MIND” “It is a process that is shaped by culture, influenced by language, impacted by beliefs, affected by values, and moderated by the distinctive features of that part of ourselves we sometimes describe as our individuality. (Eisner)” In …show more content…
As an individual person, everyone has their own standard for an artwork is meaningful or not. In my opinion, to decide an artwork is meaningful or not is to decide the artwork if can be used in our life and if the artwork is useful or not. For example, a mug is a meaningful artwork in my opinion because it can use to drink coffee and it also can as a decorative cup when people put it on the table. Therefore, a meaningful artwork is always a useful artwork. On the other hand, to talk about why does art matter to people. The first reason I think is because art brings people enjoyment to their life. To be more specific, a flower vase is an art. When people put the flower in it and take it to the home, it brings people a beautiful view and then it brings people enjoyment and happiness. This kind of enjoyment always can make us become more relaxed. Every day we all busy on our work or school, we always feel stressful. Art is the key that brings us a piece of enjoyment. Therefore, we can say art is matter in our

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