The Little Things

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  • Personal Narrative: The Little Things

    The Little Things “Mom what’s a pillow fort?” I looked at my Mom sitting on the couch next to me,”Allison you don’t know what a pillow fort is?” She looked at me smiling and said,”We’re gonna build one ok? Lemme me move the couches…” I remember at that moment being so excited, just thinking “Wow! I’m going to have my own fort!” I ran around the house helping my mom get all the blankets and pillows needed for my little sanctuary. When it was all said and done it looked a lot worse than I had pictured in my head. It was completed with chairs for support, both of our couches, and a blanket roof rapidly sinking in. It was still amazing to my little 5 year old self. I crawled in and sat down on a heap of pillows that were slowly being covered…

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  • Narrative Essay About Trying New Things

    “Markers, Paw-Prints, Hair Dye, and Other Mistakes” I love trying new things. I’m bold. I love the rush of adrenaline you get when taking risks. I love the unknown. I’ve had this mindset for as long as I can remember; I’ve always believed that living a life without being audacious isn’t a life worth having. You need to be impulsive. Try new things without worrying about the outcome, because if you do, you won’t enjoy the little things in life nearly as much. But things can go wrong, and…

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  • Little Things Carver

    “Little Things” written by Raymond Carver demonstrates how lost hope in a family develops regularly throughout the world today. This is significant, for Carver creates a short story with minimal usage of explanations to inform readers of how couples take the road to hell. You can describe his writing as an unspoken story; stories where much of the author’s writing is implied or understood without being spoken. Our minds take in information and create scenarios from his writing with what was…

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  • The Influencing Machine Analysis

    Emily Little wrote an article titled “Too Dependent on Technology?” and she talks of how things are different in the present state compared to twenty years ago. “Twenty years ago, the world had no Facebook, no Google and no YouTube. There were no electric cars, no smartphones and no wireless Internet,” Little states. While this may be an obvious statement, it is a statement people often look over and not think about or even realize. That is how technology is overlooked and taken advantage of,…

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  • What Is The Difference Between Getting To Work And Using Time Wisely

    plan is one thing that I found very helpful when reading that part of chapter. In both of the readings it was saying make a plan, and get your work done.…

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  • Analysis Of Honesty In The End

    means that the story is not yet been done and should be continue until it find its way to be done. It also means like whatever happens in your life, don’t give up until you can reach your goal. Don’t stop even you fail after all it’s not yet the end. As we grow older there are lot of things happens in our life, there are lot of problem that challenge us to see how far can we…

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  • My Influences And Learning Experience In My Life

    never end when we think they have. There’s a misconception that moments stop, but that’s impossible. Right now is connected to ten years ago, but it’s also attached to a million futures, no definitive length only indefinite time. So in every moment we begin again, continuing to mold our stories. Just another once upon a time. Learning is so much more than school to me. The typical system of education has little value in my eyes. We grow from reading between the lines and infusing passion into…

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  • The Importance Of Humor In My Life

    Do you ever get the feeling that God has a sense of humour? Most of the time, I find it in life’s irony. The little things popping you are hopelessly trying to avoid, and seemingly insignificant people doing extraordinary, earth-shattering things. Initially I’ll be frustrated and angry with God (imagine inner tantrums and kicking and screaming), but after some time, especially when it is reoccurring, I finally get the point; the point that I have absolutely no control over this life, and that…

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  • Intangible Items

    In the novel, “The Things They Carried”, Tim O’Brien remembers, reflects, and shares the tangible and intangible items he and his comrades carried throughout their time at war. O’Brien also reflects on other items he carries through his daily life, such as memories, stress, and his daughter. What people carry with them is a glimpse into their mind, soul, and heart. It helps define who they are as a person and their possible future. I carry tangible and intangible items constantly through my…

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  • English 11 Accomplishments

    ordinary things. Life doesn’t force us to be perfect it only asks us to do our best.” -Unknown This has been a quote I have learned to follow throughout the course of my junior year. If we allow ourselves to be happy about little achievements and know that we did our best regardless of the outcome, then we can help ourselves be more successful in the future. A good example of some of the small accomplishments i 've made my junior year were in my English 11 class. First off, some of the books…

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