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  • Becoming A Mother

    A lot can happen within sixty seconds which allows the possibility of life changing events that can impact our routines, values, beliefs and maybe the outlook on life itself. Some of which can have one feeling the need of self-reevaluation or soul searching. I sat at my desk while at work. Then, I received a short and rushed phone call from my sister. She had gone to a doctor’s appointment that morning for a routine pregnancy checkup. Unfortunately, her blood pressure was higher than normal, and was admitted to the hospital. I hoped that everything would be okay so, I quickly made my way to the emergency room entrance. My family and I sat patiently in the hospital waiting room. Everyone was excited, and anxious to hear the words that he her son had been born. “Today you will become an aunt.” I thought to myself. The labor took what it seems like forever. The seconds seemed like minutes, and the minutes like hours. “Meet your aunt.” my sister says to her new born son while swaddled in my arms. I was speechless as if I were just learning how to speak English for the very first time. Pure bliss filled my heart just being able to look at new addition to our family. The smile on my face grew big and as if I were opening a gift. At that very moment, the most invaluable look of contentment showed upon my face. I could finally see, touch, and smell this human being that had been flourishing for the past nine months. Newborn babies have that unique yet very distinct smell. The…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Moving To Home

    Besides leaving my home country, it was the second hardest thing that I had to experience. I was seven years old and when my parents announced that we were moving to United States, frankly I was excited to see the USA. However, as time passed I started to miss my family back in Ecuador. When, I was in the airport saying goodbyes to friends and family members. I did not understand that I would not see them in again in five years. However, hearing the news that my abuelito had passed away in 2006.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Kenya, Africa

    The lengthy, cramped, and quiet bus ride to Living Hope Day School both excited and terrified me. A never ending stream of “what if” questions rattling my brain caused me think twice about what I was doing there in the first place. I was a stranger to them, someone whom they knew nothing about. I gazed out the window, trying to calm my thoughts when I saw them. An endless sea of purple sweaters, and cheery faces lined the fence at the school. All of my previous doubts washed away when I stepped…

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird Opening Scene Analysis

    In cinematography you learn different ways to angle the camera, the lights just the right way to show you an entire chapter of a book in just a few frames, add a score to listen to the music and sounds and get your audience to feel the movie from their perspective. As a director they may not have the idea but they can show a thousand words in just one picture. That is key thing in videography is it has to capture, what the author writes they show with just one frame, weather it is to show a…

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  • English 11 Accomplishments

    “The art of being happy lies in the power of finding happiness in ordinary things. Life doesn’t force us to be perfect it only asks us to do our best.” -Unknown This has been a quote I have learned to follow throughout the course of my junior year. If we allow ourselves to be happy about little achievements and know that we did our best regardless of the outcome, then we can help ourselves be more successful in the future. A good example of some of the small accomplishments i 've made my…

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  • Middle School Students Make A Difference Essay

    I once asked a close friend of mine, “How can a middle school student make a difference?” He simply answered, “ At our age, to make a difference we have to have a drive to make a change. You can’t just blindly run into world wanting to do something; you need a plan, determination, and confidence to know that you can make a difference.” I thought about what he said and realized he had a point. Kids my age are so concerned about the little things we never actually see the bigger picture; that…

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  • Similarities Between Medea And Lysistrata

    prejudice of the community she lived in. Medea is described as “a clever woman, versed in evil arts” (283) and displays several cunning and manipulative actions, like deceiving most characters in the play, but she describes herself as an outcast, stating she is just “something he won in a foreign land” (254). The community that surrounds Medea now encourages the separation between her and them by referring to her as a “barbarian,” comparing her to the idea of a wild and uncivilized being and…

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  • Medea Feminist Analysis

    Women were meant to stay at home and do chores or other womanly things like sew and raise children. They were never expected to speak up when a man made a decision that they did not agree with. They were supposed to take the back seat to their husbands. Medea was different, she didn’t sit back and let her husband treat her as an object that could be left in the corner and forgotten. She took a stand helping Jason on his quest and took revenge on him when he betrayed…

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  • Guilt In Medea

    In Euripides play, Medea, Medea struggles internally of whether she should kill her children or not before finally coming to a decision. After the death of the king and the princess, Medea is faced with the choice between killing her own children or sparing them. She continually tells herself that she can save them and run to Athens for safety. However, that would mean leaving them in Corinth in the hands of the enemies. In her mind, if the kids were to die, she wanted it done by her own hands.…

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  • Medea Heroism Analysis

    is to go on a quest and complete it. While every other hero had a maiden’s help with Jason it felt like Medea did all the work and he was the front of the operation. Not only that but Jason seems to despair whenever laid with an impossible task, something other heroes seem to pride themselves to being able to accomplish and Medea had to be there to morally support him to do it. Even after disparity hit again because he was going to go home empty handed she not only helped him steal the Golden…

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