Middle School Students Make A Difference Essay

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I once asked a close friend of mine, “How can a middle school student make a difference?” He simply answered, “ At our age, to make a difference we have to have a drive to make a change. You can’t just blindly run into world wanting to do something; you need a plan, determination, and confidence to know that you can make a difference.” I thought about what he said and realized he had a point. Kids my age are so concerned about the little things we never actually see the bigger picture; that there's something bigger than just dating, clothes and social media. We need to take the time to realize that we are so fortunate to have a roof over our head, a family that loves us, food on the table, and to be able to attend school. Did you know nearly a billion people entered the 21rst …show more content…
As a team we can do the impossible and people will notice us. I know many people who choose not to be kind because it's “weird”, it's funnier to be rude than to be nice, but it's not so funny when you call that person “ short, ugly, weird fat etc.” especially when that person is being hurt by your actions. You aren't just “stating facts” about that person, you are making them feel worse about how they feel. Words and actions do hurt, don't forget that. People try so hard want to fit in but it's better to stand out. Standing out isn't always about being loud and having a strange appearance it's also about doing things people our age don't usually do. For any middle school student who feels like being nice is outdated it's not, being rude was never a trend it's just something people do to mask away their problems. Being rude won't help any of your problems, it's just another way to make yourself angry at yourself and the world. We need to work as a team and stand out together, then eventually the world will change. A wise person once said “ No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Remember that and you can make a

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