Informative Essay: Guidelines To Doing Better With People

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**Hello Steemians!!**

Everyday we meet different people, sometimes from different countries or race and each individual have his/her own peculiar way they behave. Just as we all are here on steemit. We might not get along with everyone we meet but with this tips of mine, I'm sure we will be able to get along with people no matter how they behave or where they are from.

Here are some guidelines for getting along better with people. The guidelines can be tweaked as long as it gets the desired results.

### Be Polite and Well-Mannered ###

Nobody likes a rude or ill-mannered oerson. A person wit poor manners or who lacks courtesy brings about annoyance, ill-will, anger and aversion towards himself or herself. Remember the golden words such
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Wrong speech has caused many a human relationship to break. Don't lie: soon people will lose trust on you. Don't use harsh speech: it hurts others. Don't slander: you'll turn someone into youe enemy. Don't gossip: it causes friction in relationships.

### Never Criticize Without Complimenting ###

It is in the nature of people love to be praused but to dislike criticisms and blame. But sometimes we need to gibe constructive criticisms. The way we go about it is very imprortant in order not ot affect relationships. Start off with some sincere praises or complimens. Show gently that the criticisms are for growth and development.

### Avoid Controversial or Sensitive Issues ###

Discussing certain things that hurt the feelings of others often serves no beneficial purposes in the end. Be alert, mindful and wise towards the sensitiveness of certain individuals or grouos or persons. Remember to check: Would what I discuss hurt others? Would it bring about positive benefits or would it threaten
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A person who is prejudiced and shows discrimination based on class, status, race, language or any other irrational criteria will soon be shunned bu other people. Basic education teaches us to respect elders - our parents, teachers, friends and employers. In fact, respect should be extended to all people.

### See The Good in People ###

It is good to reflect on this: In every so-called good person, there are some weaknesses. In every so-called bad person, there is some good or some strength. If we can see this, then we harbour no ill-will, resentment, enmity or hatred towards others. We learn to forgive and forget. Unfortunately, many oeiple can only see the bad ir seem to focus only on the bad or on the weaknesses of others. They should relaize that it is easy to see faults in others but hard to see their own faults.

### Admit Mistakes ###

It is a fact that no one is perfect. There is a proverb which says

>To err is human, to forgive is

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