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  • Etruscan Mirrors Vs Cloud Gate Analysis

    Etruscan Mirrors Vs. Cloud Gate Modern versus Ancient, 2006 versus 300 B.C. and in some regards a culture versus a culture. The two pieces of art at face value are inconceivable to compare and seem distinctively different. Though, many differences there are a few similarities between the two pieces of art; The Etruscan Mirrors and The Cloud Gate that stem beyond the looks and into the symbolism and meaning for creation and the attempted message that the artists were trying to convey. Starting with the Etruscan Mirrors which were created by the Etruscans. A “civilization which flourished between c. 1000 and 100 B.C” (Adams 181) These mirrors were a specific combination of tin and copper together creating a cast bronze. These Mirrors were very telling of the connection between Etruscan Art and the Etruscan women. It was a very telling history indeed as Women in ancient times were predominantly shadowed by men, but the text from Art Across Time explains differently. “Judging from Etruscan art, Etruscan women participated more in public life with their husbands and help higher positions than in ancient Greece” (185) These Mirrors were very telling with the backs of them being carved into intricate designs. “The image on the reverse of Etruscan mirrors generally showed pictures of Women, often in a mythological context” (Baccolini). To illustrate these images that were engraved, please see figure one at the end of the paper, the figure specifically shows the given detail…

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  • Advantages Of Irrational Tectonic

    Irrational Tectonic is not efficiency. Not like rational tectonic pursuing maximum commercial value of space, Irrational Tectonic doesn’t care about the commercial value of space, which is enclosed by itself, it’s more like a representation of architect’s ideal world. No skyscraper allows Irrational Tectonic because it would reduce the space but increase the difficulty of construction. UK Pavilion for Shanghai world expo 2010 is no model of “efficiency” because of its Irrational thick wall,…

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  • Symbolism In Interpreter Of Maladies By Jhumpa Lahiri

    In the short story, interpreter of Maladies, Jhumpa Lahiri incorporates symbols to help the reader better understand the relationships that are shown. The symbols vary from objects to actions. Often times these symbols can be overlooked and rendered meaningless, but with intent examination they can help us better understand the story and the relationships that are portrayed. Interpreter of Maladies is a story centered around a family and their tour guide. This family includes a Mrs. Das, Mr.…

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  • The Characteristics Of Narrative Criticism In The Serial Podcast

    character is Jay Wild. He is a very important person in the case of Hae Lee, without him there would not have been a real conviction against Adnan at all. Why is this important though? Thoughts are up in the air when it comes to the truthfulness of Jays testimony, especially when he is involved, but gets off scotch free due to his allegations against Adnan. Although he was able to bargain a plea deal, he ran the risk of putting himself behind bars in order to let what he believes to be the truth…

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  • Materialism In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

    The 1920s, famously known as the Roaring Twenties, was a time of great economic and social growth in America. The author F. Scott Fitzgerald portrays the flourish of success, as well as the sudden rise of materialism through the lives of Jay Gatsby, Tom and Daisy Buchanan in his novel The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald creates many parallels between the lives of those in the 1920s and the lives of the characters in his novel. The Roaring Twenties was a time of great innovation and change in America.…

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  • Essay On Crime And Corruption In The Great Gatsby

    The old saying goes, it is only illegal if you get caught. Throughout the 1920’s, organized crime leaders took this to the extreme thus, violence and corruption increased rampantly. While many straightforward Americans viewed the American dream as a stable economic state some viewed it as a method to get rich quick. The corruption of this era rose to unparalleled heights with some people losing faith in police officers, judges, and anyone in government. Prohibition only added to the chaos of the…

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  • Theme Of Realism In The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is yet another book that exhibits realism. The first example of this is its portrayal of imperfect people. Numerous characters within this story are having affairs with one another. Though this is certainly not one of the most attractive aspects of society, it is a reality that can be glossed over by some. Fitzgerald does anything but ignore and gloss over this part of society. There are four characters taking part within an affair and three of these…

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  • Theme Of Destruction In The Great Gatsby

    Destruction Fee As Jay Gatsby attempts to win over his golden girl, he is oblivious to the fact that he is hurting himself and the people he cares about along the way. Not only is Gatsby blind to not see the incongruity of his goal, but he fails to realize that the love of his life, Daisy Buchanan, has other aspirations for her ideal life that Gatsby will never be able to fulfill. Much like the way Gatsby thinks and acts, Tom Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson struggle to be mollified with what they…

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  • Importance Of Women In The Great Gatsby

    the most. Most ladies do not the men for who they are, but what they had become and their title. In this story, there are three ladies that are living through this time period and they are somehow related to the theme. The characters are Daisy Buchanan, Myrtle Wilson, and Jordan Baker. Daisy Buchanan is Nick Carraway’s cousin who is narrating the story and also is the wife of Tom Buchanan. Daisy is related to this theme because she is the type of lady that marries guys for their high class…

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  • The Great Gatsby Symbolism Analysis

    of Chicago, its government system, layout, difficulty of attaining a decent job, hard times of The Depression, and Prohibition - it almost seems inevitable for this growth to have occurred.” The American Dream in reality was nearly impossible due to the poor city infrastructure, struggling job market, and political tensions. Described by Jacob Black “The beginning of bootlegging A tidal wave of organized crime would sweep across the nation as large gangs would begin to enter the business of…

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