The Silver Lining

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  • Personal Narrative: A Magnificent Stef

    The example that comes to mind when I say that is when we were coming home from Idaho Falls in my car, when all of a sudden the car started seizing and I had to pull over. At this time I called my insurance company and they told me that there would be a tow truck coming to get my car in about an hour. I was very annoyed that it was going to take that long, so I threw a fit and just lay my chair back and was scowling. At this time Stef says “hey at least the radio still works”, and she hooked her iphone up to it and started playing relaxing music, which instantly flipped my mood. I think that her ability to see the silver lining in situations is one of the main reasons that I find it so enjoyable to be around…

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  • Silver Linings Playbook

    Silver Linings Playbook Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that is extremely prominent, yet is often overlooked. Bipolar disorder is like many mental illnesses where one can be suffering from it, yet he/she is still able to live a functioning life and appear “normal”. In Silver Linings Playbook, Pat recently leaves a mental health facility due to him beating a guy that he found in the shower with his wife. Eventually, he meets Tiffany who is also suffering from a mental illness herself.…

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    David Owen Russell directed the 2012 drama-comedy SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. The main character “Pat”, played by Bradley Cooper, is struggling to manage his bipolar disorder. Once released from a psychiatric hospital he must move into his parent’s home. When there he meets Jennifer Lawrence’s recently widowed character Tiffany. The two’s estranged personalities collide in many scenes to create a dynamic and interesting relationship. Mise-en-scene can, in fact, foster and support the theme and…

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  • Silver Linings Playbook Analysis

    “manic depressive disorder.” It wasn’t until the third edition was published in 1980 that the manual approached mental illness with a biomedical etiology rather than a psychodynamic one, and that the name of the illness was changed to bipolar disorder (Healy, 2010). This mental illness has since been depicted in only a handful of films, contributing to the continued misunderstanding of the disorder by the general population. Silver Linings Playbook, directed in 2012 by David O. Russell,…

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  • Analysis Of Silver Lining Playbook

    Introduction The movie that I selected to focus my paper on is the Silver Linings Playbook. The Silver Linings Playbook is a powerful movie that demonstrates many social and psychological issues that exist and which are very significant in shaping an individual’s life. I have watched the Silver Linings Playbook once before, but watching it for a second time was different. In class, I learned about the theories of human development which played a great role in helping me better understand the…

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  • Silver Lining Playbook Analysis

    The movie Silver Lining Playbook directed by David O. Russell is a famous romantic comedy story, which had won eight Academy Awards. In this movie, Pat and Tiffany are two main characters and they both suffer from mental problem due to the breaking in relationships with their previous spouse. Pat is a high school teacher who caught his wife having sex with his co-worker. Then he beat and nearly kills his co-worker. After that, he was sent to psychiatric institute due to the diagnosis of bipolar…

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  • The Silver Lining Playbook Analysis

    Living in the past can hold you back from opportunities that present themselves in the current day. This is shown in the film The Silver Lining Playbook directed by David O. Russell, this film sends an important message that living in the past will affect you in the present. Patrick Solitano Jr lived in the past, this torn his whole life apart. Living in the past cause Pat to go through many mental stages such as obsessed, Bipolar, defensive and decisive. Pat’s first hurdle to become mentally…

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  • Analysis Of The Silver Linings Playbook

    The movie Silver Linings Playbook, was released in 2012 and was written and directed by David O. Russell. In this movie, there are many things that can be analyzed. This movie falls under the genres of comedy, drama, and romance. It was also based off of the book The Silver Linings Playbook, which was written by Matthew Quick. The entire movie is filled with beautiful moments that engage the audience to look at the world and the people within it a little differently. This movie’s target audience…

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  • Analysis Of Silver Linings Playbook

    Silver Linings Playbook tells the story of Pat, a former substitute history teacher with bipolar disorder who returns to his parents’ home after eight months in a mental hospital for beating up his wife 's lover, following a meltdown after his marriage broke up, and is determined to reconcile with his wife. Pat 's bipolar disorder manifests in ways that are realistically, even heartbreakingly ordinary; Pat attempts to control his mania with long jogs and rants about Hemingway. Yet the film has…

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  • Silver Linings Playbook Essay

    Silver Linings Playbook is a film about a developing love story between the two main characters Tiffany and Pat. They develop a relationship through their shared struggles of mental illness and help each other deal with their symptoms indirectly. The theme of mental illness and the way that it gets in the way of normative functioning is a reoccurring theme within the film. Pat’s father deals with his own struggles of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) which hinders his ability of normative…

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