The Silent Gondoliers

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  • Misogynistic Views Of Women In William Goldman's 'The Princess Bride'

    The Princess Bride published in 1973, written by William Goldman, contains misogynistic views of women from Americans’ current view, but not necessarily through the eyes of men and women of the early 1970s. Despite the beginning of the women’s rights movement, the early 1970s was an extremely sexist time period compared to 2016. However, the 1970s, compared to previous decades, showed the beginning of women standing up for themselves and society changing for the better, slowly but surely. It is important to understand the context of women’s rights in the early 1970s to understand how the women are portrayed in Goldman’s book. Specifically, Goldman’s fictionalized character of himself reacting to his overbearing wife and the hot starlet in Hollywood shows the thoughts and behaviors of men in the early 1970s, exemplifying the misogynistic worldview of American men at the time. During Goldman’s life the entertainment on television consisted of shows like “Leave it to Beaver”, “The Andy Griffith Show”, “Father Knows Best”, and “Green Acres”, which all showed a nuclear family with stay-at-home mothers doing the cooking and cleaning. The women were not depicted as unique, smart, or suited for the work world. In fact Jonathan Merritt states, “America in the 1950s… accepted that a model family consisted of a breadwinning father, a submissive housewife, and a couple of respectful, biological children.” Because Goldman grew up with these sorts of ideals, it makes sense that his own…

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  • Analysis: A Fable For Tomorrow By Rachel Carson

    “There was once a town in the heart of America where all life seemed to live in harmony with its surroundings… Then a strange blight crept over the area and everything began to change” (Carson 2). This allusion, set at the beginning of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, detailed a town where pesticides disturbed the balance of life. The government’s blind support of DDT, a human-synthesized pesticide, after its successes in World War II led to an expanding market for the insecticide and widespread…

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  • Music And The Silent Film Analysis

    In ‘Music and the Silent Film’ by Patrick Miller the writer comments that from the earliest days of the cinema, commercial films were accompanied by music. From the fairground nickelodeons where player pianos churned out popular favourites to the glittering movie palaces where large orchestras accompanied the images on the silver screen, film music flourished. Music for the movies not only heightened the emotional response to a picture, but also served the practical purpose of drowning out the…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Four Generations In Today's Workforce

    According to the textbook, it mentions, “The four generations identified in today’s workforce are the Silent Generation, Baby boomers, Generation X and lastly Generation Y” (Chapter 1, pg.14). The textbook also states how, “Baby boomers which is the largest generation had to become extremely competitive to find jobs and promotions and how many became workaholics while spending less time with their families to keep their jobs or to obtain greater pay or promotions” (Chapter, pg. 14-15).…

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  • Summary Of The Movie 'The Tramp' By Charlie Chaplin

    talking nor outside sounds. Watching a movie today at the movie theater you can almost feel the vibration from how loud it is. Chaplin was able to produce and star in silent films and he still was able to get his point across. Today when people watch a movie, there are multiple colors and sounds. It would be weird to people if it was how it used to be because people are used to the new changes. Life on the streets influenced Charlie Chaplin, his character “The Tramp” helped him become a silent…

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  • Analyzing The Utilization Of Pesticides In Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

    In the book Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson the thesis was that pesticides were harming the environment and wildlife, especially birds. Carson focused her attention on the pesticide DDT, which was first made in 1874. DDT was used heavily during World War II to try and control the diseases typhus and malaria. So she presented research that pesticides can cause cancers, other ill effects and how they can gather in animals bodies through a process called bioaccumulation. Rachel Carson was a…

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  • Analysis Of City Lights By Charlin Chaplin

    As society develops, the arts inevitably develop with it; classic vinyls turn into cassettes that eventually become digitally transferred mp3 files. However, just as Urban Outfitters has created the return of the vinyl by selling the young adult demographic fantasy of the reversion to what the older generation called “real music”; the appeal of black and white films is the fantasy of a simpler time of flapper dresses and men laying their coats down for women to walk over. It is for this…

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  • Silent Generation Marriage

    They became the risk-averse technicians organizing America’s “leading civil right activists, rock and rollers, antiwar leaders, feminists, public-interest lawyers and mentors” (Howe and Strauss 43). The Silent Generation was open to questions, reflecting and observation. Unlike the GI Generation, instead of placing a focus on duty, more emphasis was placed on art and theories, thus leading to a new awakening in the ideologies and beliefs to flood society’s perceptions. While the Silent…

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  • Dichlorodiphenylrichloroethane Case Study

    Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) is a clear, tasteless, near odorless organochloride made famous for its insecticidal properties and resulting environmental impact. In 1939, the Swiss chemist, Paul Hermann Muller discovered DDT’s insecticidal properties. In World War II DDT was used to control malaria and typhus among civilian troops. It was later used as an agricultural insecticide and as it popularity increased, it gained commercial use. In 1962, Rachel Carson published Silent Spring, a…

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  • Silent Film Analysis

    Another significant aspect of creating a silent movie is its music. Because ‘The Artist’ is mostly a silent movie, music played an important role. As in the interview with the composer by Jason Guerrasio as well as biography of Ludovic Bource, it confirms that the man who was responsible for composing the Oscar-winning soundtrack was not very popular in the industry before. In fact, he only composed for a few different movies, including ‘OSS 117: Rio ne respond pas’ also with Hazanavicious. In…

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