You Think I Am A Pig Short Story

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“You think I 'm a pig, don 't you kid?” The cop had been driving aimlessly for what felt like hours. During that time, he hadn 't spoken a single word. Instead, he turned on his radio and turned the volume up on a rock radio station. The day light outside the windows shifted radically as we drove. Sometimes, it disappeared entirely for minutes on end behind skyscrapers. Other times, it fell right in my face and into my eyes. It felt good. An itch went up and down my back, but by twisting carefully I could get it with my hands. The cop 's question took me by surprise. He 'd been hammering the steering wheel and whistling along to “Black Betty” when he finally spoke. The tone of his voice was casual, as if he was asking me whether or not I liked Thai food. “Excuse me?” A …show more content…
Don 't you fucking lie to me. Everyone that 's every had a little power, even a little bit, has wanted to abuse it. Or has abused it. That 's what power is for. Those jocks up at the college line up passed out girls and gang rape them, just because they can. Then, they hit the fields and win the big game. Guys worse than me line up bums and shoot their teeth out for no reason. Then they go home and hug their daughters and eat spaghetti. Power is power is power is power. You busted guys up. You busted me up good with one hit. Didn 't you feel the joy in that? You hurt me good. I wanted to kill you, too. But I saw that you was a guy who knew power and who wanted to convert it into something. Wanted to tame it. Look at me. For no reason at all, I cheat on my wife with prostitutes. Then, I bust the prostitutes. Take their money. Their drugs. Sell it back to the pimps and pushers, blackmail for keeping them out of jail. Is that right? I don 't give a fuck. Power, kid. Why, if I wanted to, I could take you into a back alley and blow your brains out? But I won 't.” Out of nowhere he hit the brakes: he stayed perfectly erect and immobile while I slammed against the metal grate. I felt

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