Analysis Of Kingsford Legal Centre

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Kingsford Legal Centre Report
1. Kingsford Legal Centre sees a range of clients, many of whom are disadvantaged in some way. What were some of the ethical and/or professional issues and considerations that arose during your interviewing sessions? How were these issues addressed or resolved? How might they be different from working with other types of clients? (350 words)
The first issue that arose was that I had to deal with a distressed female client. She constantly checked her phone and asked for breaks during the interview. I implemented John Barkai’s principle that ‘the primary purpose of active listening is to build rapport with the client’ by listening intently to her description of the background of her case without interrupting her
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The current unequal distribution of legal resources contributes to a systematic restriction on the ability for underprivileged citizens to attain competent advice or representation. Consequently, a lawyer should be aware that engaging in pro bono work empowers individuals from marginalised groups to feel less socially excluded as they become more aware of their legal rights and responsibilities. This can counter the effect of neo-liberalism which Hazel Genn argues facilitates inequality in the production of power and wealth within the legal …show more content…
The KLC session increased my awareness that community legal centres serve an important role in providing assistance to individuals who lack appropriate access to legal representation. The following day I was motivated to research how I could apply to volunteer at the Marrickville Legal Centre which was a practical representation of Anthony Kronman’s contention that a lawyer must dedicate themselves to the public good. The experience furthered my internal drive to become a human rights lawyer in order to fulfil Deborah Rhode’s three components of ‘the lawyer who is a public citizen’ which are to actively preserve legal frameworks, maintain the quality of legal services and widen access to

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