Case Study On Solution Focused Therapy

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For the signature assignment, I have decided to choose a case/client I have been working with for six months. The client is a 27 year-old female, Native American, married, has children, low-income, Epileptic, PTSD, and drinks alcohol. She was self-referred as well as referred to me from Indian Education with the local school district. The main reason for the referral was due to the fact that she had been a rape victim, diagnosed with PTSD, wished to feel “normal again”, and also wished to have help working with husband to help him understand. On intake, we talked about her PTSD in length and what happened. We set goals, interventions, and crisis interventions. One of the goals was to have her husband come in to do couples therapy. She really wanted to work with her husband and get a better level of communication set up. So we were doing Solution Focused Therapy. Two months ago, the client contacted me first thing in the morning stating that she would not be able to come to the session as she was just getting out of the ER. She stated that her and her husband had gotten into a fight the night before and she woke up with cops in her house, her friend yelling at her husband, and she did not know what happened. Her husband did not go to jail, …show more content…
When reflecting on her ethnic background, Native Americans can be victims of rape or sexual assault more than double the rate of other racial groups (Billings, 2012). I am not quite certain how many times my client has had sexual assault, but I know of two times and would affect her crisis situation and only make matters worse. Also, Native Americans can be victims of violence. However, when reviewing Domestic Violence Statistic and Research (2012), it stated that Native Americans are more likely to be victims of violence with someone who is a stranger rather than with someone they know (such as a spouse or partner) (Billings,

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