Social Work Internship Report

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Recently, I had a learning experience from my internship that will help me even more in my pursuit in the field of social work. The day that this event occurred it helped me be able to be the teacher rather than the student to my intern advisors. Being that Voyage house is a support program for clients, we help to provide them with the necessities of food and household items from those that have no income. Therefore, we take them to Walmart and give them a budget that they are able to work with since they only need to provide resources just for them to living off. This was on a Friday where I had to miss group because I had something to do at school that morning; therefore, I just met my intern advisor later that day at Walmart. The client and case manager relationship in this situation was non-existence. These were two individuals were they did not get along; however, since Voyage House is short case managers the two had no choice, but to be paired together. So, while checking out at Walmart, these two became into a verbal argument that became intense. This argument later led to us having to have a discuss with Mrs. Alecia about the duties and …show more content…
Overall, I was able to gain knowledge from this experience. However, due to confidentiality I wish I was able to share more with my professors and peers. I enjoyed how the program does not try to focus on socializing the clients, but gives them a choice if they would like to change. It’s not trying to assimilate them to be someone who they are not. As an intern, I learned how it’s about trying to get the client to realize they have the potential to beat their mental illnesses, diseases, and abuse. In addition, as a case manager you have to be patient with the client and when they are ready to receive your help they will come to you. I have enjoyed this semester with Voyage House. Now, I just can’t wait to see how my continuation of my internship will bring me more

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