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  • The Role Of The Meat Industry In France

    They develop a relationship with their regular customers and earn their customers trust. When selling meat there was no standard of measure of how the price should be determined. They estimated the price of meat based on how the meat looked. The government decentralized the butcher trade by creating a division of labor. Butchers who killed the animals were banned from selling them. This created a specialized butcher who worked in retail only. Retail butchers had greater knowledge of meat and were responsible for the preparation of the meat. In Kyri Claflin’s, “La Villette, la viande” he states "Consummers also benefited from greater standardization as they were less likely to fall victim to dishonest butchers trying to pass off inferior cuts of meat as more expensive ones.” Now that the government created a hierarchy of the butcher trade they had to determine what standards to use to set a “just price” for the sale of meat. To do this they had to define what “quality” meat meant. Even with retail butchers prices still fluctuated. This is because each butcher, city, and town all had different view of what quality of meat meant. Additionally there was still fraud. Some butchers would take advantage of their consumer’s ignorance and sell lower quality meat for higher prices. Authorities decided that the quality of meat would be defined by the species, the parts of the species, and its weight. They classified each type of meat in to several categories that each had price…

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  • Cryptomnesia Case Study

    1. I started the activity on 9/9/16 at 3:06 pm and completed it on 9/11/16 at 5:45 pm. 2. I had to look up cryptomnesia, which is when one forgets to cite a source because of losing track of a source and then remembering the thought as an original idea (Cryptomnesia, 2011). 3. I know that the source is scholarly and credible because it was published by a well-known and respected journal and has the authors’ credentials. 4. The author is a respected authority on the topic and has published…

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  • Godard Opening Scene Analysis

    Godard used a few difference camera angles and styles such as iris shot, close up, medium and wide shots, and camera movement. Godard also used many jump cuts and quick cuts to shift between scenes. For instance, in the beginning, he used jump and quick cuts of close up shots of Michel and a woman that let the audience have the illusion of Michel is having a very close relationship with with that woman. As Godard switch to a wide-angle shot, that’s where we know we have been fooled and they were…

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  • Mow A Lawn Essay

    How do you mow a lawn? Anyone new can experience that mowing your lawn is more than just getting a lawn mower and cutting a patch a grass. They are multiple ways to mow a lawn and where you live is going to be a big factor on how you mow your lawn. Mowing your lawn is crucial and with these steps you will be able to tell when to mow your lawn, what tips you should know and what equipment you will need. Knowing how to tell and when to mow your lawn is key to this simple but yet essential task.…

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  • Pension Fund Ethical Dilemmas

    considerable amount of money, which effects the pensioners using this fund. Because of poor investments made during the recession the Fund is projected to be insolvent by 2025 if there is not a change made to the pensioner’s payments. The Fund must decide whether or not to cut the pension payments each month. The first option we have is to continue with the regular pension payments each month, but that would leave the Fund insolvent within the next ten years. The alternative is to cut the…

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  • Budget Cuts

    Budget Cuts: Cutting More Than Just Finances Seeing that the importance of a legitimate education is flourishing, it is safe to assume that a plethora of funding is set aside for these schools, right? Unfortunately not. Budget cuts to education have started to become steadily frequent. Since the “national recession of 2008 that forced every state to cut money for colleges and universities,” putting budget cuts at their all time low, “at least 31 states provided less funding per student”…

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  • How Is Editing Used In Now You See Me

    It was, at one point, taking every shot filmed on location, and putting them all together in a way so that the film makes sense. Nowadays, the editor may also add special effects or background music, in addition to selecting and combining the scenes. There are several major techniques of editing, including thematic montages, sequences shots and various types of cutting, such as classic, abstract, and continuity. In Now You See Me, all editing techniques are expressed within the film, but not all…

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  • Selfishness In Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

    In 1920, Sigmund Freud published his first paper detailing the inner workings of the human mind. This essay was his first outlining of the id, the primal urges we feel for aggression and violence; the superego, our desire to respect society 's rules and appear “good” and moral; and the ego, our sense of consciousness that tries to balance them out. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tom Buchanan exemplifies the fight between his morals and his urges very well. Tom Buchanan is torn…

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  • Will You Please Be Quiet Please Analysis

    Lucy Knipe Essay #3 M01A Contrast Essay Steve Martin’s The Pleasure of my Company and Raymond Carver’s Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? The ancient fabulist Aesop famously wrote that “every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either.” The truth as it pertains to love, is no different. In a juxtaposition of Steve Martin’s Pleasure of my Company and Raymond Carver’s Will You Please Be Quiet, Please, this duality of love’s power is both what…

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  • Practicum Experience Essay

    story ideas, but individuals may put their own spin on their assignments. I assumed she meant the graphic design team on The Wood Word and how they are responsible for designing and editing graphics for the website. Though that was true she told me those members of the team specialize in graphic design. Most of the people involved had more options to choose from while they were assigned the job almost immediately. She also used an example from the sorority she is apart of and uploaded a…

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