Primary care

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  • Experience In Primary Care

    Primary care is underdeveloped in most rural areas. At least that has been my experience growing up in a small town in Central Pennsylvania, and working in a tertiary Emergency Department in Williamsport. As both a medical scribe and a patient care technician, I have found that patients and families often feel they received poor outpatient care from their primary physicians. The most common complaints are the wait time to get into the office being too long, and when in the office they are more than likely saw by midlevel providers and not physicians. After appointments, patients feel as though their needs were not addressed and that nothing was done. Patients then come to the Emergency room uneducated about their conditions and mislead about diagnosis. It has also been my experience that the elderly and family members never receive the discussion from their providers about end of life care or placement options. Instead, they find themselves with family members in the Emergency Room trying to figure out the next steps. As a patient myself growing up in a rural community, I can relate to most of these complaints and is why I want to make it better. As a medical scribe, I…

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  • Pediatric Primary Care

    Pediatric primary care in the United States does not only encompass the primary care physician, but include both, insurers, policy makers, and other health and community providers such as the schools and childcare centers. A healthy developmental stages of the child determines the child's adulthood. So to say, the way a child is cared for has an implication through adulthood. According the Healthy people 2020, health promotion and disease prevention is the ultimate goal for every child in the…

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  • Primary Care Essay

    Primary care is generally the initial point of care for individuals with chronic conditions. Primary care providers’ (PCP) responsibility is to yield preventative care and educate healthy way of living. Included in their role are making referrals to specialists when required. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is the biggest combined health care system in the United States; it is presently stirring towards the fulfillment of the transformation to a primary care-based structure to render a…

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  • Primary Health Care

    Primary healthcare is the healthcare provision process carried on every day with the intention of maintaining and restoring the aspired health status in community. For most people in the world, primary healthcare is usually the first contact there have with health facilities and professions. It is also the most frequent means of healthcare provision that they are exposed to. Therefore, primary healthcare can be defined as the most available healthcare facilities in the community. The aim of…

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  • Summary Of Primary Care Training

    In the article, “Primary Care Training and the Evolving Healthcare System”, Lauren A. Peccoralo, Kathryn Callhan, Rachel Stark, and Linda V. DeCherrie look into the impact of the Affordable Care Act towards primary-care practice, as well as explore the various programs created to influence the recruitment of medical students into the primary-care sector. The article also provides recommended preparations in training to improve the practice of primary-care professionals to efficiently deliver…

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  • Pediatric Primary Care Essay

    sources of pediatric primary care in the United States? Are these sources sufficient for providing health-care services to the pediatric population? Why or why not? Pediatric sources of primary care can be in the provided in many different practice settings. From the conventional pediatrician’s office or primary care doctor’s offices to rural health clinics, community clinics, health departments, schools, and in some cases emergency departments or urgent care centers. According to Healthy…

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  • Primary Care Model Summary

    Laughlin reported the evolution of the nurse role in a primary care setting as a member of the treatment team for chronic illness. Laughlin summarized “the RN in the patient’s primary care setting is uniquely qualified to assess the broad spectrum of needs that patients with chronic conditions may present, and to determine, in partnership with the patient, a plan of action, coordinating other resources that may be beneficial” (p. 414). The author discusses the methods and outcomes of several…

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  • Integrated Primary Care Model

    Research studies, evaluating treatment models, have shed consistent evidence that treating common mental disorders (such as depression or anxiety) in an integrated primary care settings can lead to better patient outcomes, including narrowing of the treatment gap, providing opportunities for reducing the stigma of mental health problems by not clearly identifying patients who are receiving mental health care (which is often the case if they attend specialist facilities such as psychiatric…

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  • Primary Care Shortage In Nursing

    live in geographic areas or will fit to groups of population that are reflected to primary care shortage. The following areas are known officially as primary care Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs). The area are states like Nebraska 1.4%, Mississippi 57.3%, but not only that to consider, almost half the states, it is estimated at least 20%. Our capital D.C has a shortage of 30%, this also shows that anywhere in the U.S are lacking physicians or there are shortage of physician as primary…

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  • Ethical Dilemmas In Primary Care

    ETHICAL ISSUES IN HEALTH WORKERS IN PRIMARY HEALTH CARE G.Panova, B.Panova, N.Panov, N.Velichkova FMN-University, Goce Delcev''-Stip, Macedonia www.gordana.panova @ Introduction: The medical ethics as an important part of clinical practice, and its application in practice in primary health care facilities. Aims: The ethical dilemma is part of everyday clinical practice in health institutions in R.Makedonija. Purpose the paper is to determine the existence of ethical dilemmas in…

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