Preventive medicine

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  • What Are The Approaches And Theoretical Frameworks Used In Health Promotion

    Planning solutions; approaches and theoretical frameworks used in health promotion In an attempt to delineate the contested nature of health, there are various approaches and theoretical framework adopted to analyse, plan and proffer solution to identified problems (WHO 2001; Cavanagh and Chadwick, 2005; Bani 2008). Naidoo and Wills (2009) suggested five approaches to health promotion, however for the purpose of this intervention , three approaches: medical or preventive approach, behavioural -change approach and educational approach, will be utilised to achieve the aims of the proposed intervention. Fundamentally, the burden of SCD in Nigeria is compounded by the lack of awareness and cultural beliefs about the condition (Adegoke and Kuteyi…

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  • Public Health Promotion

    Public health educators use many methods of promoting health for example through health media campaigns around nutrition and people eating habits. Basing on the targeted population, health educators may decide to use either of the four types of media for example billboards, newspapers, radio, and poster advertisements. However, as public health educators create public health media campaigns around nutrition and individuals eating habits can potentially have both positive and unintended negative…

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  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention

    Pressure Ulcer Prevention Introduction: Each year more than 2.5 million people develop pressure ulcers in the United States alone with an average cost of $9.1 to $11.6 billion per year (Kalowes, Messina and Li, 2016). This has lead to reduced physical and mental functions, reduced vitality, and increased pain and has even been used as a measure of the quality of nursing care. Therefore, pressure ulcers remain a major health concern worldwide and are a high-prevalence problem in hospitalized…

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  • My Health Reflection

    Over the course of the semester I was able to understand the importance of my health and how it could affect my daily activities. In order to use the criteria from this semester and apply it to my personal life choices, I had to evaluate myself. In doing so, I created a report card giving myself a grade on the following categories: my diet, amount of sleep, stress management, and the amount of exercise in the past year. Over the past week I recorded my diet without regulation. I soon gave myself…

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  • Substance Abuse Prevention Case Study

    The baby boomer generation is entering their retirement years living longer and being more active than any previous generation. These older adults are expressing a desire and an expectation that they will remain mobile in their community and enjoy the associated freedoms that come from driving for as much of their lifespan as possible. Regardless of profession, most service providers will be working with older adults in the next several decades. Understanding the public health implication of an…

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  • Health Behavior Model Analysis

    One of the intrapersonal health behavior models that were used to create this fact sheet was called the Health Behavior Model. A theory that helps understand health behavior decisions and how to influence a persons desire to change their health behavior. The Health Behavior Model was developed in the 1950s, by a group of psychologists at the US Public Health Service. This was in response to why people did not want to engage in disease prevention strategies for the early detection of disease. One…

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  • Classroom Conflict Definition

    Numerous studies have been completed and manuals are written to support teaching students prosocial skills. This includes providing training for teachers and staff to promote positive behavior support, active engagement in conflict resolution and peer mediation, and judicious discipline. A crucial element to implementing effective classroom management is teaching positive behavior and serving as a mentor to children regardless of socioeconomic status. Therefore, as school-aged children learn…

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  • Summary: The Effects Of Poverty On The Nutritional Health Of Children

    The Effects of Poverty on the Nutritional Health of Children Dorothy Greenstein lives in southern California and does not worry about where her next meal will come from. This has not always been the case for Greenstein. When Greenstein was asked to describe her childhood, the story is much different than her conditions now. Greenstein recalls that “since year eight years young I ate mostly potatoes with cabbage soup and stale dark bread” (Greenstein, 2016). She goes on to state that when she…

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  • Heart Failure In Older Adults

    is the increased risk of HF incidence with age and if the incidence remains unchanged, the number of people with HF is expected to double over the period mentioned above (Schocken et al., 2008). Haven worked on a telemetry unit for over ten years, and witnessed the admission, and readmission rates of older adults’ patients with HF (admitting diagnosis or history of HF) has raised a few questions to ponder. How did these patients end up at this stage of HF? What could these patients have done to…

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  • Health Disparity Essay

    Explain the Most Common Health Disparities Found Among Clients Receiving Care at Your Clinical Site. Thus far, each and every patient I have assisted in providing care to, in the care management office at Penobscot Community Health Care – Brewer Medical Center, has had diabetes mellitus. Although a patient may be referred to care management due to health disparities other than diabetes mellitus, according to my preceptor, diabetes mellitus is the most common health disparity amongst the…

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