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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Obama

    States is an influential and powerful person. Obama is the current president of the U.S.; his opinion is greatly considered in debates that potentially make a significant impact throughout the nation. Obama can speak his mind towards a person and the people that support him will most likely inclined to believe every word of what he says. On June 9, 2016 Hillary 's campaigned published the advertisement titled, "President Barack Obama endorses Clinton for president." Throughout the video Obama appears to be sitting on a chair in a room that contains a sofa and a lamp, behind the furniture there 's a white wall. Throughout the speech, he maintains a confident tone and an optimistic attitude. Obama congratulates Clinton for being the presumptive democratic nominee for President of the U.S. He mentions that Clinton is a qualified candidate for office and describes her as courageous, compassionate and the heart to get the job done. Obama promotes the strong bond between the Democratic party and Clinton, he strongly believes that Clinton is suitable to be the president of the U.S. Hillary Clinton advertisement uses a tactic featuring an important and powerful person to endorse her. Many votes will accept Obama 's perspective in regards to Clinton 's being able to be a fit for office. Many voters that support Obama will not question the president 's opinion and most likely support Clinton. The advertisement manipulated the public. The opinion of a powerful person such as the…

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  • Donald Trump Debate Analysis

    During the debate, the journalists have asked both candidates questions so many times but as his habit, Donald Trump instead of answering the questions, opened another debate by verbally attacking his rival Hilary while she answered the asked questions. The first question was about Education which the Democratic candidate found that, through their Slogan express their vision of America. So working together is one of the keys for a good success and the democratic party, Hilary Clinton wants to…

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  • Hillary Clinton's Weaknesses

    and as I write this it is official that the presidency will be between the Republican nominee Donald J. Trump, and the Democratic nominee Hillary R. Clinton. It wasn’t quite simple for me to choose between the two nominees. Hence, I doubt that neither of them are creditable enough to serve the country. Most likely the majority of Americans will speculate that they do not have a preference between the two candidates. Nevertheless, I evaluated information in reference to the candidates’ individual…

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  • The Downsian Model, The Punish And Reward Theory, And The Investment Theory

    Since the moment that the American election system was put into place, people have tried to predict the outcome of the elections. From gamblers to conspiracy theorists, nobody can resist the anticipation of knowing who the next President will be. As it was to be expected, political scientists are no exception, and have tried to find theories to predict the outcome of the ballots for decades. Three of the most relevant theories invented are the Downsian Model, the Punish and Reward Theory, and…

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  • Ted Cruz And Hillary Clinton: A Case Study

    Within the next fourteen months, the United States of America will elect a new president. There will be many candidates to choose from; narrowing the choices will help gather more accurate information. Once the candidates announce that they will be running, the madness begins. They begin trying to defeat each other by talking badly about their fellow candidates, even in the same party, just to make themselves better known. Although all the candidates have the same goal, to help make America…

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  • First Presidential Debate Summary

    First Presidential Debate After watching the first of three presidential debates, I felt that, despite the unconventional campaigns of 2016, the debate proved informative and revealing of both candidates. Moderated by NBC News anchor Lester Holt, the debate took place at Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY between candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The primary topics of the debate were released one week before the debate (“CPD”). While the questions were not released prior to the debate,…

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  • Barack Obama's Influence On People Around The World

    alcohols to escape from thinking about who he was . After high school Obama studied at Occidental college for two years.Then Obama transferred to Columbia University,graduating in 1983 with a degree of political science.Obama father died two years ago in a car accident.Obama visited relatives in Kenya to pay a visit to his biological father.On Feburary 1990 Obama was the first African-American editor of the Harvard Law Review.Obama married his wife Michelle Roberson a lawyer. Several years…

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  • Ted Cruz Persuasive Speech

    GOP presidential nomination outright. Fiorina joined the Texas senator on stage, and Cruz's staff changed the podium in between Cruz and Fiorina's remarks to display a new logo featuring both their names. Fiorina told CNN in an interview the "real formal final conversation" between the two of them regarding the vice presidential decision happened Tuesday All Ted Cruz is attempting to do is recapture the narrative and keep him relevant. Trump seized momentum in the 2016 race with a sweep of all…

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  • Berlin Wall Political Activism

    called upon by Twitter, Facebook, MTV, YouTube and most importantly the message that “Hope” would lead to change. An example of specific artwork that had a significantly influential affect on people was graffiti art. This style of art took the 2008 Presidential race to the streets. Street walls that would be typically covered with spray painted tag names instead depicted political endorsements and the powerful message of hope. Walls and urban places where street artists who tend to question…

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  • Do Children Just Take Their Parents Analysis

    have some high school education, correlations are more positive but still small (.10 and .08). Continually, when the head of the household is college-educated, similarity between child-parents is moderate (.17). By observing this, it is clear that perspectives on politics are most learned by children when their parents are highly politicized. Visibly, children, whose parents are more educated, are highly likely to think like their parents, politically. For instance, my older Armenian cousins’…

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