Background Of Boko Haram

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Background on Boko Haram
The Boko Haram is a terrorist organization whose belief is that the western way of education is a sin. By virtue of this, all of the thirty six states in Nigeria have to shun this ‘sin’, this western education and embrace the Islamic system of education. The Islamic system of education is in such a way that a child is brought up to learn and memorize the entire Quran in Arabic (not their native language), while also learning a few mainstream courses on the side. Now, the issue is that, you cannot practice the Islamic system of education without actually being a Muslim. And right there, is where it all hits a brick wall. Nigeria practices three types of religion: Christianity, Traditional and Islamic. The people towards the South of Nigeria are predominantly Christians while the Northerners are mostly Muslims. The traditional worshippers are in the minority but they cut across the entire geopolitical zone in Nigeria. Boko haram is not just trying to abolish western
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It was not always known as Boko Haram, it was initially called Jamā 'at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-Da 'wah wa 'l-Jihād ' (Cheta Nwanze, 2014). That is pretty long name, but the last word ‘jihad’ means, Holy war. Any Muslim, who is fighting a Holy war, is fighting for Allah and his reward when he dies, is Heaven. Most kids in northern Nigeria observe the Islamic education called the Almajiri schools. This means that the kids since when they were very little have been coached or more appropriately, brain washed and flogged into believing whatever their teacher says to them. But kids are not only made to believe that fighting the holy war makes them make heaven. There is a second catch. If you die in the Holy war, you die as a martyr and when you get to heaven there are seventy two (72) hot virgins, waiting to warm your bed every day for your eternal stay in heaven. And that is a tantalizing

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